weddings, weddings, and more weddings!

it's been almost 2 weekends since i posted anything about weddings..mmmm, cuz i've been shooting so many! the 4 wedding weekend came and went and i survived.. :) then there was a two wedding weekend last weekend, and this past weekend was a one wedding weekend, that was 16 hours.

i have survived. i know.. it's a miracle really, but i have truly survived. ;)

when the photogs whom i've shot for either post some more, or give me some of the files of the stuff i shot, i'll post some.. :) but they are all waaaaaaaay more busy than i, with the editing and post wedding busyness, so y'all will have to be patient. :)

until then i leave you with this really rad video of hayley..she lives downstairs with her ultra rad parents, our best friends. we were coming back from jericho beach yesterday and she was singing wonderpets theme song over and over and over and over. she's so rad! :)



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