our move out west

well we made it! we are "home" in burnaby, vancouver...

hard to believe most of the time.

you can read of our crazy adventure out west here at our other blog.

yesterday we took the kids to science world.. it was so much fun! unfortunately i didn't charge my camera batteries so i took, oh 4 pictures...! i guess we'll have to go again!

anyhow, we had fun.. a good way to end spring break!

will post more this week..


a week left in saskatchewan..


so it's a week til we head west..kinda hard to believe most times.. anyhow.. this week should be a flood of many emotions..yet great anticipation for what is to come..

going thru my hard drive, thought to post a few pics..of my kiddies, doing homework, skating, and making art..

gosh i have the greatest kiddies.. :)