tony's fish & oyster bar

there's this really cute, but fairly popular fish and chips place on granville island named tony's fish and oyster bar. a dear friend of mine that i met thru bni, eng, was/is doing their new designs, publications and website. they needed new photos, she asked me, and i said heck yes!

i brought along my dear lover to be the food designer, which he did an amazing job! and on the first shoot, my long-ago friend tanya assisted. the second shoot i did, i was able to "get 'er done" by myself.

here's the photos they chose for their stuff...

fish and chips with clam chowder
seafood platter
and bananas foster dessert

it was so fun.. i could get into shooting stuff like this.. i told lover, who is doing his culinary arts program at the art institute downtown, that we'd make a great team..he designs the food, i shoot the photos.. :)



our harvest tradition has come again...pumpkin carving..

as usual the kids draw their designs and their mother tries to carve them out without butchering her hands, as she doesn't use the "proper" pumpkin carving tools..

however, all is well and aside from the nastiness of the "orange goop" that rosie did NOT want to touch--wait, maybe that was caleb-- we made our masterpieces:

rosie - the kitty cat
caleb - the ghost and "BOO" on the back
me - well the little dorky-faced one.. :)

and the illuminated picture sucks..and i will take it again..

but the story of WHY it sucks? well, the children's mother is a fraidy cat - she saw and heard the bushes move about out front and booked 'er back in the house, before caleb knew what the smack was going on.. :)

we'll try again tomoro night.. ;)

i simply love autumn

throughout october i took some pics here and there any everywhere of my second favorite season..autumn..

here's some of my faves..the first couple are out my car windown when we were driving home from my 10K run in kelowna via highway 7..then downtown, then some at riverview hospital in coquitlam..

something about the colors that makes me so warm inside..


my friend's book

i got an email from an old friend..
she's not old, but we've known each other before j and i got 15 years ago, i guess.

i guess she started writing a book..tres cool..something i WILL do one day. anyhow, she knew i was a photographer so asked if i'd offer my services.

you bet i could!

so she needed an initial shot of a girl, looking peaceful.
so meryl, from our missionburnaby team was totally game for it..sorta. i had to get her to relax a little first, then we got a shot. a portrait of a peaceful cool.

then i got an email a couple months later from my friend lorene, who is writing the book, asking for a couple more depicting rahab in the bible, a very rich woman who was a high end harlot, and the other depicting the sinful woman in the bible, full of shame and despair.

sweet i thought..always up for a challenge. but who on EARTH am i gonna call on to depict those..those arent the most becoming roles to i thought long and hard and had an idea..

so i called on darlene to depict rahab and megan to depict the sinful woman. they were up for it.. knowing my friend was writing a book for woman on women inthe bible who struggled, just like us today, but different times.

i talked to them about these particular women who they were depicting..rahab, a very regal looking woman. the sinful woman, ashamed and hopeless. i think i got them into character and captured it well..

it was a great experience..i really enjoy these types of projects..

i cant wait for my friends book to read..and to see some familiar faces in it too! :)
i'll let u know about it! :)


room with a view..

last week the views i was getting from my bedroom room were breathtaking..
just a few snaps.. mmmm.. fall is here with a vengance!


autumn family photos

we are in the THROWS of autumn down here in the lower mainland..the amazing colors of the leaves on the trees..the crisp air.. ahhh, my favorite season..and an AMAZING time to do family photos!!

i had the pleasure of taking family photos for jeremy, robyn and little samuel. OH MY WORD - samuel is THE cutest little guy! we had fun walking thru riverview hospital this afternoon and i just HAD to get some of these up.. enjoy.


business headshots

so with wedding season winding down, i've been looking at other means to keep my camera-a-clickin'.. :)

and lo' and behold i have found something i LOVE to do...headshots!

the past couple weeks, i've had the pleasure of photographing some really amazing people, doing really amazing things with really amazing amounts of passion!

meet ivar for start...he is a personal injury lawyer.
he is one of THE most sweetest guys you will meet - you will love him the moment you start talking to him and it is very evident he loves what he does!

next meet ritchie..another great guy who has very strong family values and i'm sure will one day make someone a good dad and husband..he's a mortgage broker and has just started his own business.

then we have "the power team", made up of tyler hoffman, winnie leung and rob kaufman. these three great people are PASSIONATE about what they do and are marketing themselves big time..take a look at their website:

and then we have sweet angel.. :)
really she is an angel..small in stature, beautiful blond..but get her talking about fitness and you have a roaring lionness! she is totally dedicated to what she does.

so here are some of their photos from our photo shoots on their names and it will take you to their online sites.

if you or anyone you know if looking for headshots for business - your website, business cards, advertising- or for model and acting, give me a shout.
i will guarantee we'll capture you and your zeal about you do and we'll have a BLAST doing it!

;) tracey


the okanagan international marathon

so my friend dar and i made our way with our families to kelowna this weekend for the okanagan international marathon.. darlene to run the 21.1k and me the 10k.

i just started running in july, and i think i did pretty darn good coming in at 1:11.09! and dar did her 21.1k at 2:13.57...boohyah baby!

here we are.. with our metals and with smiles! :) :)

WOO WOO!!!!!

and now we're gonna have thanksgiving together here with my family...


there are more photos on facebook of the run. click here.

our family photos


so last week we got my very dear friend and fellow photographer collegue, elizabeth soergel, to take our very much needed family photos..we went to our very close and almost personal beach (hehheh!, barnet marine park..on the ocean, as the autumn leaves have started to turn..absolutely beautiful there.

she called and told me about the them and gave me the password. and then said to tell her how they were..if they were ok.

they were MORE than ok..they were absolutely US! they were amazing!! she posted about 50 of the 100+ on her website site...

go to her website - click here - and then go to clients at the top and then type in "heppner" as the password.

thank you liz!! once again you amaze me at your craft!

hugs and love,


a funny thing happened...

...on the way home from a film industry networking event i attended last night.

i was invited by my friend eng to go to this event..maybe make some good contacts. and there was FREE FOOD. like seriously, who can pass that up?? it was held in this really great cafe called calhoun's down in kitsilano on 4th.

so after the event eng and i are driving down hastings.
we're almost to willingdon (for those of you who arent' from here, none of this street name business will make sense..sorry!) and this copper flicks on his lights to go thru a red light, it seemed.

well if ANY of you know how i am in my car whilst driving it, i am all about justice for injust driving. so instantly i'm beeking to eng, "can you believe that cop? honestly, how do they get to just flick their lights on and go thru a red light? and look he's only a car ahead of me now. was it really worth it??"

you get my picture.. :)

so coming up to holdom, east on hastings still, and i noticed police lights in front of me on the side of the road, behind what seems to be a pulled over white van. the police mobile was a white volvo ghost car. so then i see my friend the cop pull around the guy in front of him, lights on, to then do what looks like a U-turn to go back down hastings the other way.


he pulls right in front of the car in the lane next to mine to block the red car, with alberta plates i might add, and the volvo screaches in front of me, as i bash my brakes on, and in moments there are 4 cops around this car, to my left, one car up from my car.

and they had their guns pulled.

ok, when i saw that, i instantly thought, and said, "holy crap, they have guns, that guy must be a bad guy, oh god, what if the DRIVER has a gun and starts shooting?? i'd be shot!"

meanwhile, poor eng is trying to calm me down, i'm stunned and watching this drama outside my car and they finally get the guy out and put him on the ground and cuff him and take him away.

i'm stunned.
completely so, that the volvo driving cop comes to my window and says, 'thanks for stopping and not hitting me'. and i'm like, 'ya', and wondering if i should drive away or what..

so we begin to drive away.
and then i realize why waaaaaaaay back at willingdon mr cop man had went thru the red light to get ahead.. and why mr volvo cop man was "faking" pulling someone over..


that was more action than any film industry event could have put on.



weddings and the city


so i broke down and paid for a weeeeeeeee little ad in this fall's weddings and the city, published by 24 hrs paper..

i'm on page 3 in a write up and on page 13 on the bottom.

thanks maurice and zaira for being my "face" in the ad! ;)


a friend from long ago...


i met this girl in the mid 80s..we went to camp together for a few summers.
good old facebook brough us back together after a few
have been able to spend some good time with her..

and sneak a few great shots of her too.. :)
click here for some shots of little t - little t

love you t...jesus has got you and me babe.. ;)