one of my very favorite families..

this family is OOOBER special to my heart! H&S are like 2nd parents and their kids are super great! when they asked to do family pics i was excited! and that little miss anna grace would be present!! you guys make great grandparents!! :)

here's a few of them...there were so many!! hope you enjoy! love you guys! xo

the men of the hour..

on friday i had three grad shoots - i was fortunate to do them all before grad day - and they were all guys - which made it easy and quick! :)

thank you again grads of estevan for choosing me to photograph one of the greatest milestones of your lives! i had a blast and it was an honor!

first master D, who is going east to study aviation!

then master C...and his saweeeeeeeeet red 'stang convertible..i even got some great smiles out of the guy... thanks bear! :)

and to end the day was master L...congrats on your graduation!!! you did it! so proud of ya!!



You know when you meet people and you instantly go, this is gonna be fun? That is EXACTLY what I thought when I met the P family! They were so much fun! And they were so great when I suddenly turned off onto a dirt road cuz I spotted a potential place to shoot! I knew I should have brought my walkie talkies!! Thanks for letting me capture you guys.. you are awesome! ☺

fun with miss J..and master D.. chuckle..

Miss J’s fabulous chocolate dress, shorter style, was absolutely fun! Being the first to grad in her family, and the first to leave as she goes off to university will be very exciting! And a special thanks to Master D who humored us tremendously! All the best miss J!

the regal lady..

the regal miss J…what a beautiful young lady..and her! so glamourous!! And her man master L was in on the fun too! Congrats on grad babe! And enjoy Calgary when you go to school next year!


miss H and the gorgeous purple princess dress

miss H's mom and i go waaaaaaay back..heheh..well not waaaaaaaaaay back..but we have had some good laughs. :) last year i did miss H's brother's grad pictures and this year it's her turn!

even though there was some warnings of thunderstorms, it rained for a bit, but only to freshen everything up a bit for us! it was lovely!

congrats on your grad miss H and your beginnings of nursing school in the fall! :)


and puggy makes six!

joyce wallin, owner of frank's on fourth mens wear here in estevan, has the craziest coolest family!

we had a blast and even little skittles, the pug, was a hoot!
her kids are beautiful..the giggles were many...and the moments priceless!

little hailey, their daughter asked so sweetly if i'd take a photo of her and her webkinz snake and little foofy friend (cuz if you know ANYTHING webkinz are OOBER cool!) and of course i would love to.. she then turned around and handed me this sweet little white flower she pulled from the side of the walkway in the park..i was touched. :)

thanks wallin's for the fun night! :) and see hailey - i blogged your webkinz!

ballerina girl.. :)

miss M's dress and shoes and hair..absolutely FABULOUS! and her parents- you could tell they were TRES proud of their only child, their little girl! :)

she's been in dance for 14 years...and her escort master G has been as well with her! so the two were so great together!

we had such a fun shoot!! thanks for the laughs and all the best as you study law, miss M! :)

and that's the recipe for love...

so today was a TRES fun day of shooting..

first started with C&S...their first profession photos since they were married 23 years ago! they are sooo cute! S LOVED it when i called them cute.. hee hee.. but seriously, it was so refreshing to be with and capture a couple who truly like being with each other.. C&S you are awesome and inspiration to many!