dov'è il mio cuore?

Il mio cuore anela a Venezia. Mi sento come tho Sono supposti per essere un italiano .. forse è stato.


oh, vancouver, how i love thee..

being that i was born in burnaby, and after a 16 year hiatus away, its no wonder i'm so in love with our city!! there's always something to discover, something gorgeous to see, something to tell when you get home..

and of course i photo wander a lot..

here's some of my faves from last month's wanderings..

kimmy & matt

in feb kimmy & matt from saskatchewan were down for erin & pete's wedding.
i actually was also there to shoot kimmy & matt's wedding a few years ago.

they've added a little munchkin, nate, since then.

so off to gastown and the seawall we went..

here are some of my fave's.. :)

love you guys..bunches and bunches.. :) oxxo

the lovely meg

meg is one of my brides - last may in victoria - and when she asked me to do her headshots, i was delighted!
they are for her job..she's a musical amazing..

anyhow, here is sweet megs!! :)


new website is up!

my new site is up..
it's taken me FAAAAAAR too long to get it up but it finally has been done!

take a browse and let me know what you think!! :)


2008 - a year of dreams coming true..

i had wanted to get my 2008 at a glance post up sooner..however between getting my external hard drive recovered from a terrible hard drive failure and then working on my new website (that will go live in a couple days!!) i am only NOW getting to it.. :)

so let's us begin the journey back thru 2008..some of the highlights.. :) grab a hot drink, sit back and have a good read..


i had the priviledge of shooting a couple features in IMPACT magazine, one was a workout session and the other a success story! check out the post here - IMPACT MAGAZINE SHOOT

road trip to seattle with my BFF, who has been featured many a time on my blog.. :) we had decided a road trip to january was in order. perhaps we can do it every couple years.. :) hint hint! we stayed at this fabulous bed and breakfast just a few minutes from downtown seattle, musical house bed & breakfast. check it out, you will surely love it!

at the end of january i went to kelowna to stay with my sister for a week while the parents went to las vegas.
we had such a fun week together!! there are several blogs if you go to my january archive to see our fun...ended our time taking some "snow white" photos of her.. :) love you sisterhood. xo


started with a trip to saskatchewan for a wedding in -50 weather!!! amanda & kirk didn't let the cold cool off their love! their "sub zero affair" was absolutely lovely! and the kids got to have 2 weeks off school and we visited their cousins so that was an added bonus!

one of my very good friends, kimmy, was due to give birth around the same time as when the wedding was..and i was her doula! luckily their little man, nathaniel, gave us a couple days to recover from wedding, take some maternity pics, then made his grand entrance.

another friend in saskatchewan had a baby the same week, so i was able to squeeze in a family session with them and their little Kai. :)

when we got back to a much warmer vancouver, we ended the month with a visit to the zoo for the day.. giraffes and cute kids are my favorite. :)


with wedding season slowly approaching, i love winter for the simple fact that i am not busy. :) march came and went, with a few product shoots now and then, but for the most part, getting my creative juices back in working order for the anticipated BUSY wedding season that was coming!


april started with the sudden passing of my beautiful grandmother, jenny gladys. i had lived with her and my now passed grandpa fred for a couple years in calgary before i got married, and it was a time i will always be grateful for. the kids and i headed to calgary and celebrated her life with my extended family members. my dear cousin also wrote a song for her.. she will always be remembered and loved by many. these photos were some of the last taken with her that we have.. :) for her post, see my lovely one post.

after our trek to calgary and back, i successfully got distracted with some gigs.. :) {just being real, folks!} i had the priviledge of working with lorien henson of limelight events, and the 30 DAYS OF SUSTAINABILITY. i shot 5 different events during the 30 days and it was so much fun! thanks for the fun experience lorien!! :)

april also is when i started shooting with erin gilmore.. she scouted me out and asked if i'd like to work with her as her second shooter for 2009..and that any times i had open yet in 2008 we could use that as a "can we work together?" period. well.. we had fun and i can happily say i'm working with her lots. :)

do you use FLICKR? if you dont, you should. it's a medium where you upload photos and you can see others photos. it's really fun. and you can even get your photos used in random i did, with this photo..they used it in a travel page online for gastown.. kinda fun.. :)

some amazing friends of ours that i met while in BNI, needed business portraits done..and while we were at it i did some post-wedding pics..they just celebrated their 1st anniversary last month and are missed terribly, as they live back in ontario... love you R&D!!!

because j and i got married in 4 days back in 1995, we never had the opportunity to have professional wedding photos. now being who i am and taking lots of wedding photos, over the years i have always wanted someone to take photos of us that could capture who we really were, in the place of wedding photos. it was when i first heard of blue olive photography and checked out their site, that i knew...that a) i want THEM to take our unwedding photos and b) i'd like to get to know this really cool couple.

well it was this month of april that both happened...they captured us to a "T" in a portrait shoot we had with them {check out the blog post about our shoot with them - blue olive shoot!} and little did i know that i would end up being one of their second shooters from time to time..what a lovely beginning to a beautiful friendship!! (and we're super stoked - as soon as the sun starts showing itself a little more, we're doing an urban family shoot with them - can not wait!)

the end of april celebrated the 36th anniversary of my birth.. :) i don't much like birthdays..i'm not sure why...maybe because i wish i was being taken away on a trip, or dropped with $500 to shop or secretly wish for a surprise party or something outrageous like that! nonetheless..36th came and it twas a good time to eat cake and be with friends. :)

the last weekend of april, my new (and now amazing and dear!) friend jeanie and i made our way down to seattle for training with NILMDTS. we play saturday in seattle, wandering about on broadway, finding an amazing soap store - bliss soaps - that uses our pics on their wesite now, and ate yummy food. :) check out my blog post - road trip with j-gurl!

sunday was the all day training which was really great. for more info on NILMDTS, check out their site -


a trip to kelowna and some headshot snaps of my beautiful sister started the month...

then i headed over the island to shoot a wedding, and my lovely erin friend accompanied me..we happened to be in victoria last year too for may we called this the annual BFF weekend to vic.. and little did i know i'd introduce erin to her now hubby pete this weekend too!!

meg and andrew's wedding was so lovely. they had their celebration at a church in cordova bay then at a beach front resort for the reception..take a boo at their pics - meg & andrew

what was the MOST exciting part of may was when our little family went over to the philippines for 3 weeks! my lover's parents have lived there for over 20 years and both our kiddies were born there. i basically did a day by day blog of the trip.. it begins here - destination: philippines.
it was the best family holiday we've had yet!


we arrived back in canada after our holidays in the philippines and then a day in and got home to go right into my sister's graduation and grad month in general!

here's some of my grads i had the priviledge of shooting..

another one of my all-time dreams came true this year..going to a MLB game with my lover. :) he got us tickets for the toronto blue jays vs the seattle was so amazing!!!!!!!!! we sat behind mid-right field about 4 rows back..was so loverly. :) thank you lover.. xo

i shot my first fashion shoot.. angelica of angelica crossman design had some of her one of a kind fashions being made for a show in saskatoon in august. it was so much fun!!! check out the full blog here: angelica crossman design.

and as always lovely, fun portraits to start the summer off...


not only was july chalked full of weddings with liz, erin , sarah and blue olive.

but i had some fun shoots in between as well. kristi's maternity was one of my favorite maternity shoots i've done yet.. :)

and when sarah from bliss photographic asked me to do some pics of her and her hubby before their baby was born in the fall, i was delighted! they were such a hoot to photograph!

and remember that wedding i did in victoria in may? that my best friend erin came to with me? and met her now hubby? ya.. it was in july that he came over to vancouver and we got some "un"official engagement photos (they got engaged a month after, so it worked well as their engagement shoot!)

as for on the family front - caleb started football.. he was torn after a couple months, as to whether or not he wanted to continue. he finally, after several days of thinking it thru, decided it was a sport he enjoyed more watching. :)

and we celebrated rosie's birthday a month later - our little girl turned time flies!!!!

and us? we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary! :)


more weddings is pretty much what august brought! with erin, liz and blue olive, it was a really fun month!

mid-august i declared we go, during the week, down to the oregon coast for a couple days. and boy, was that the best idea ever! i had been down the coast several time in 1991 when i went to school in portland, and was really excited to take lover and the kids down there..


the kids made their way back to school after a long summer break..caleb into grade 5 and rosie into grade 2.

our dear friends had some family photos taken before their 2nd child was to be born the next month.. what a great time we had! and miss hayley worked the camera real good!

weddings continued into september full force!

and i was counting the days til sept 17 - when my best friend erin and i would take off to europe for 2 weeks, where i would be shooting my first international a castle in germany, of all places!! so getting euros and eurail train tickets was in order!

i blogged almost everyday while i was away in europe, which was yet another dream come true for me - to visit europe, especially venice, italy, which we planned 4 days there at the end of our trip!

when we arrived in germany and drove to fussen we visited linderhoff castle where we got some fun engagement photos..

then it was in neushwenstein castle that we had the fairytale wedding come to life.. for the extended blog go to kerri & russ' post.

before the wedding and when we initially flew to europe, we flew into switzerland and spent the night and headed on a train to munich. we had fun exploring the city, and also taking in the ever-famous OKTOBERFEST!!

we then met the kerri & russ in fussen, a small countryside town that was full of much character!

post wedding, we went to venice.. no words can describe how i feel towards venice. i love her. and will go back again..and again..and again.. :)

yes my trip to europe seems like a dream... :) a dream that continues to live in my heart..


ah, yes..back home to reality.. :) and wedding season was far from over for me!

little brandon was born to our dear friends.. :)

jonathan celebrated his 34th birthday...

and two of my best friends from estevan, sk, surprised me with a 4 day visit!

the colors of autumn were definitely in the air..and walks in the park amongst the leaves were plenty.

the school the kids go to are always coming up with ways of fundraising for the school projects and extra activities. being the co-chair of the PAC (parent advisory council) i volunteered to do a photo night..and what fun and success it was! the school made some good coin those two evenings and we plan to do one in the spring when it's nicer and we can go outside!

and i got back into my beloved photowalks..wandering about taking photos..of most everything that i thought was photo worthy. ;)

the month ended with our traditional pumpkin carving..and lovely pumpkins they were.. :)


the last of my weddings ended in november..

and then it was caleb's 11th birthday..he wanted pizza and bowling, so pizza and bowling it was!

we set up our christmas tree, in our ever traditional EARLY way.. :) i think it was nov 4th this year.. :)

we also took a trip down to vancouver/portland area and stayed with some friend of mine from college days.. and of course, i ended up taking some photos of their ever growing family!

and some more photowalk action, of course.. :)

a lovely spa night with my muffin!

and the amazing ability to find the most delicious chocolately goodness in the city!


the last month of the year..boy did this year fly by!! the december celebrations began with an amazing aislewalk party hosted by the amazing erin. :)

packaging up 70+ shoeboxes for kids in south burnaby, along with 2 van loads of toys and cans for comments!

lots of christmas choirs!

letters to santa & the santa claus parade and baking yummy cookies!

after a lovely quiet christmas at home with our little family, the year ended with an unexpected opportunity to second shoot with michael wachniak, a new friend in the industry. twas a fun day, hey mike!! :)

that is pretty much the year in photos.. :) give or take.. :) it was a good year.. new beginnings, old friends, new places... with second shooting, being a mom, starting a vancouver network for photogs and second shooters, being a PAC chair and all the other hats i wear, it was a fun, full, adventurous year.. so many dreams came to many fun times..wonderful friends..

yes 2008 was fabulous..and i imagine 2009 to be more of the same, along with some new adventures and dreams. :) thanks for reading!

much love,