donovan & lil & fam... - washougal, WA || vancouver photographer


donovan and lillian i met when i was at college in portland back in '91..
they were awesome.. they are STILL awesome.

they are some of the few friends i've kept since our time in 1991...and they have watched our family grow.. :) it's been so awesome.

i can't tell you what an honour it was to photograph not only you four, but your ENTIRE family.. i still can't believe we did 8 shoots in 4 hours.. we are fricken' rock stars.. :)

thank you..for everything. you guys are so dear to my heart. can't wait to wine and dine you when you come up to vancouver in january. :)

hugs and love,

dylan, robbin & the blue eyed-babes - washougal, WA || vancouver photographer

all three of dylan and robbin's children have THE most amazing blue eyes!!
they remind me of gorgeous blueberries...chuckle..kinda fitting that their grandfather's farm is blueberry farm, no? :)

the kids were so great..even when the littlest was "done" with having photos..they were awesome to the end!


philipp, morningstar & their 4 little princess' - washougal, WA || vancouver photographer

philipp is a good man.. with 5 females in the house, that takes a special person. ;) giggle.. but honestly..the girls..they are so beautiful..and so sweet..and so much fun!
i can ONLY imagine what it will be like at their house when they are all teenagers!!

all 4 of them, beautiful and full of personality all of their own.. and morningstar holds a certain regal tenderness about her..

their family is so much fun.. it was a pleasure to photograph you guys!! :)


sean, meadowlark & little man brady - washougal, WA || vancouver photographer

ok seriously? this little man had me at hello.. no really. he is SO. FREAKING. ADORABLE!
and his parents are beautiful... and it was cute that lani and little man brady had the same color knitted was really had to see it. :)

had a blast with your little family! best wishes as you get to know your new home of washington! :)


rio, stephanie & cedar - washougal, WA || vancouver photographer

if rio & stephanie lived in the city, they'd TOTALLY fit in vancouver BC...they are just really down to earth and totally laid back. :) they are the coolest.. :)

and cedar..well he was workin' the camera something fierce!

thanks for your cool, calm spirits and having a little fun.. :)


nate & dayspring - washougal, WA || vancouver photographer

of the 6 kids, the only couple without little we did some fun lifestyle photos of them.. and fun we did... "cue horses in the background!" chuckle.. :)

nate and dayspring, you guys are so adorable! and so fun! :)


really??? 8 sessions in 4 hours? || vancouver photographer

yes, you read that correctly. :)

you see, i met this couple in college in '91 when i was in portland going to school. they were the same age as me.

we have stayed in contact ever since. but have never "seen" each other in person since '91. we've mailed photos and such and written, but not in person since '91.

so when donovan asked me if i'd consider coming down to do a huge family shoot and individual family shoots, i told him it wouldn't be hard to convince me; i LOVE portland. and i LOVE donovan and lillian!

we had such a blast...power shot for 4 hours...traipsed around the acreage where the shoots took place, got to know all of D's bros and sisters and their families.. was thankful for the triple shot coffee's lillian supplied me with.

it was really a beautiful time.. :)

so starts the first session i'll blog - dad and mom.. they were the most adorable couple i tell you.. their story is DEFINITELY going in my SEASONED LOVE book. :) they met in new york thru a theatre company..ended up on the lost coast in california on a huge blueberry farm..had 6 kids and the rest is history! :)

enjoy ma and pa.. :)

mama, daddy & audrey PLUS baby! || vancouver photographer

last week i was down in portland and seattle..GOOD TIMES!

i also didn't expect to been as blessed with my sessions as i did.. can i just say hello i have AMAZING clients!??!

ya i do. :)

first up for friday, the day after thanksgiving, was patrick, leslie and wee little audrey. leslie is expecting very soon and so we did a family/maternity session with them all. fun!!

they were such troopers; i didn't know what sort of CHAOS the macy's christmas parade was going to do on them getting down to downtown portland for their urban shoot.. an hour on the train and they still had smiling faces! see? i'm blessed! :)

here's a few from our time together.. they were so much fun.. :)

so great meeting you 3..can't wait for the next one...i will have to come for a visit.. ;)