truly, i am blessed || vancouver photograher

this month, november, is my crazy travelling month for sessions. last weekend was calgary, this weekend was is victoria and next weekend is portland.

and to boot, we just got back from being away for 3 weeks in the philippines in october!

talk about crazy couple months.

it made me think about travelling and being gone from "life" and your people you are in relationship with.

don't you sometimes wonder if you're REALLY missed when you're away? i mean, everyone says they'll miss you. and you hug and text and stuff..but really, life DOES march on and there is lots to do. so it's easy to not TOTALLY forget that someone is away, but you kinda forget.. does that make sense? :)

tonight i decided that i am blessed that i have friends, lots of them, that notice when i'm gone...that miss me (or at least say they do!! giggle..) how blessed am i? :)

thank you friends for showing and telling me how much you did miss me around these necks of the woods whilst i was gone. :)

hugs and loves,

ps - and aren't these beauties gorgeous from one of my super photog friends, frannie. :) love ya babe!


Chris said...

just wanted to let you know i am missing you friend.. wish you were here beside me and we can talk and talk...

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