not gonna lie..i love USA thanksgiving.. || vancouver wedding & portrait photographer

yes, yes i do.. why? cuz of black friday sales! :) and another reason to eat some MORE TURKEY!!! :) i wish that we (canadians) did thanksgiving like y'all do.. :) or at least took on some of the characteristics of it.. moving right along... ;)

my dear friend lani (follow her on twitter at: @prairiecitygirl) and i are going to make a girl trip south of the border..

first stop - thursday: portland! we're staying at this really funky heritage hotel downtown.

then friday we'll shop about and such and then head up to seattle and stay at our favorite b&b (musical house bed & breakfast) and do some more shopping on sat then head home.

ooooooooooo.. gotta love it. thank you america for being so close.. and thank you america for black friday sales. and thank you america for being our neighbors and friends. :)

THAT is truly something for a canuck to be thankful about! :)

here's a few of the MANY photos i have taken of lani throughout the years. ain't she adorable!? :)


Unknown said...

We all have something you be grateful for. Thanksgiving. You. Have a wicked and safe trip! Here's to another can :)

jeanie said...

oh so lovely lani! nice captures, trace! have a wicked time on your road trip (;

Unknown said...

Wish you were coming to Idaho. I promise I would not disappoint if you ever wanted to visit and share our Thanksgiving. Lots of love here for you. I love what you are doing. Keep up the great work. I miss you, have a wonderful trip and a happy, happy Thanksgiving. Love you! K

erin said...

have a great time! sounds like loads of fun!

Dave Brown said...

As a Canuck having lived in the US for many years, I can say that US Thanksgiving goes BIGGER than Canadian Thanksgiving does. Almost makes sense for us northerners to give ours up and go with our southern friends.

But let's leave the arcane politics of healthcare down there.... Better still, let's show them that a government option isn't such a bad thing, and if they just put it in place, they'd all be a little happier next year at the same time...

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