really??? 8 sessions in 4 hours? || vancouver photographer

yes, you read that correctly. :)

you see, i met this couple in college in '91 when i was in portland going to school. they were the same age as me.

we have stayed in contact ever since. but have never "seen" each other in person since '91. we've mailed photos and such and written, but not in person since '91.

so when donovan asked me if i'd consider coming down to do a huge family shoot and individual family shoots, i told him it wouldn't be hard to convince me; i LOVE portland. and i LOVE donovan and lillian!

we had such a blast...power shot for 4 hours...traipsed around the acreage where the shoots took place, got to know all of D's bros and sisters and their families.. was thankful for the triple shot coffee's lillian supplied me with.

it was really a beautiful time.. :)

so starts the first session i'll blog - dad and mom.. they were the most adorable couple i tell you.. their story is DEFINITELY going in my SEASONED LOVE book. :) they met in new york thru a theatre company..ended up on the lost coast in california on a huge blueberry farm..had 6 kids and the rest is history! :)

enjoy ma and pa.. :)


Alana said...

What beautiful portraits! I'm sure they and their family will really cherish these!

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