U2 360 tour in vancouver || vancouver photographer

as promised, here is some photos from the most AMAZING concert i have EVER been to.
it was so moving..not gonna lie; it brought me to tears 3x. no joke.

i can't explain the energy that the band brought. and their lights..fricken light show in itself! and the stage...HOLA! it was outstanding.

i have always had a place in my heart for U2 and Bono..this concert only reaffirmed it. :)

enjoy some of my faves..


ohana photographers said...

pure awesome! looove the pics!!! we <3 U2! we've seen them endless times, twice this year so far and are gonna try to see them in berlin next year for octoberfest! woop!

Leslie Shewring said...

These photographs are amazing Tracey! My husband is a huge U2 fan...Just found your blog via facebook. Hope you are well -Love the Christmas tree photos too!!!

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