my big fat portugese wedding :) || second shooting w/erin gilmore || vancouver wedding photographer

there are some weddings that are fun, amazing, smooth, gorgeous, fabulous...ya, well, this was one one of them! michelle and jeff were absolutely sweet together..and their wedding, portraits and reception were nothing less than awesome!

from getting ready at terminal city club, to taking the trolly to the old church, to getting back ON the trolly to some AMAZING shooting spots, to BACK to terminal city club for the amazing reception.. ya, and with the help of wedding planner tanya peters of milestone events. it was just so much fun to be a part of this "perfect" day..

enjoy some more great photos on erin's blog.. :)


lightroom workshop by jared platt - sept 10, 2009


more info on the vancouver wedding photogs blog!

a different sort of wedding || second shooting w/erin gilmore || vancouver wedding photographer

so last weekend we (erin g & i) shot a D&D themed wedding.

must say it was quite creative... :)

here's a few shots..

and then they asked me to take this one..a gigantic "ROCK ON" :)

but THIS was the best one that erin got.. :) :) :)

giggle..for more of their wedding story and photos, head over to erin's blog.


twitter - the network machine || vancouver photographer

i use twitter to network in my industry - photography and the wedding industry.

on sat whilst shooting away at Terminal City Club with erin g, i snapped a pic on my iPhone, my good ol' faithful, and low and behold, Terminal City Club found it on twitter and blogged about the wedding and put the photo in it too.

ain't social media GRAND!? i do declare it is. :) really, it's a win win. :)

had a great weekend everyone!!

and here is the lil' twitpic that was on the TCC blog..


photowandering in new west || vancouver photographer

this aft i, along with 3 others, wandered about new west, specifically front street..and boy did we find some goodness... :)

for more... go here.. :) cuz everyone needs a reason to take a break on a monday.. :)

a scottish wedding || second shooting w/jeanie ow || vancouver wedding photographer

a few weeks back, i was lucky enough to second shoot for jeanie of STUDIOjeanie at the wedding of alexa and aaron.

i had fun with the boys, who were going all out in their scottish quilts! and they married at queen E and had their reception at seasons in the park..on that CRAZY evening that we had that rain storm that made for a SPECTACULAR sky!!!

giggle..i remember when we were shooting the reception, i was saying to myself, "geeeeeeez what's with the freakin' orange hue on everyone?!" then i turned around and saw outside the windows which lined the reception room and my breath was taken away! are a few pics that jeanie posted..and go check out her blog for more yummy goodness!!


croation wedding || second shooting w/blue olive || vancouver wedding photographer

a while back i had the fun priviledge to work with friends and fellow photogs, miranda and reilly, from blue olive photography. [yes they are the ones who do our family photos! :) ]

one word to describe this wedding? PARTY!!

and party they did..with their large, gorgeous wedding party we had a blast shooting their portraits and they totally decked out the croatian cultural centre like something i have NEVER seen!

here are a few pics.. you can go to blue olive's blog for more story and lots more gorgeous pics!

love shooting with you guys.. xoxo :)


new family photos for us! || vancouver photographer

back in may (i think it was may..i can't remember!!) we had the ever wonderful miranda & reilly of blue olive photograph our fam. i posted the ultra-fun slideshow..and here are some of my fave shots...

thank you again M&R for rocking our world!!


christine & jeff = married! || second shooting w/erin gilmore || vancouver wedding photographer

this last weekend was a double hitter shooting both saturday and sunday with erin g.

saturday's couple was really sweet and calm, cool and collect even though they had a few hiccups during the day! but we had fun.. and all the incredible details were amazing. :)

read more about their day and enjoy some more photos at erin's blog.


cory & brenda's wedding - calgary, AB || vancouver wedding photographer, destination photographer

this blog post is a study in efficiency and awesome.


efficiency because i dont have my computer but i told my lovely couple that they would see photos up on the blog in a couple days. and because my computer is at the mac station, the only option i had was to go thru them on a trial version of lightroom on hubbie's laptop.

awesome because, well, i think they are awesome, and because of my efficiency on hubbie's laptop, there was basically not a whole lot of post processing. i am a little hesitant to put photos up on the blog that i would LIKE to do a bit of post processing to, but then i remember a convo i had with M & E one time about shooting without "photoshopping or postprocessing". so here it is.. "tracey heppner: unplugged" ;)

brenda and cory were sweet in love.

the yellow dresses and her yellow shoes with yellow flowers - so cheerful and instantly put smiles on your face! the flowergirl was a gem..the details were gorgeous.. was grand.. :)

they had their wedding ceremony at a church in calgary. from there we played downtown. i had the great mike wachniak with me second shooting (yay for bringing that one together!) and we rocked it! after a couple hours the bridal party and i headed out of town an hour or so to the reception hall out in farm country, cremona. GORGEOUS is all i have to say about that.

it was an amazing day and i'm so blessed to have been a part of it.

brenda and guys are the best..thank you for inviting me out to calgary to capture your incredible day. here are a few shots from the day til i get the rest to you. :) xoxo

UPDATE: i have now post edited the wedding photos for blog..there's not a LOT of difference..but enough that i feel good with them up here.. enjoy!