a day in raleigh, north carolina..

we got into raleigh, NC around dinnertime last night..we were met by neil and summer...they are soooo cute!! :)

after we got all settled into our hotel room, took a quick trip to target and then watched a movie, we decided we needed our beauty sleep for our big day of being shoppers and tourists round about raleigh.. :)

this morning we ate breakfast at our hotel, the hampton inns and suites, and then summer came and picked us up to take us to the car they rented for us (super sweet, hey!?). once we set up gretta the garmin, we were off to the streets at southpoint, an ULTRA cool shopping mall, that is half indoor and half out.

after hitting up shops like hollister (my fave, cuz i AM a cali gurl at heart!), urban outfitters, j crew, sephora and anthropologie to name a few that we patronized for almost 4 hours, we went downtown raleigh. we happened upon a great camera shop that they knew within the first 5 seconds of us talking that we were from canada (is it THAT obvious?!) that was really cool and they cleaned our sensors...for FREE! :) :) happy place!!

gretta then took us to some ULTRA cool spots we scouted out on google for shooting on saturday.. W.O.W!!!!!!!! we found some coooooooooool old homes that are now historic spots... so amazing. we also found this really cute boutique that summer recommended us go to.. :) i found a little something there for miss rosie.. :)

we ended the day with eating some freakin' awesome mexican food at dos taquitos, a way cool mexi joint! what a great day!!

there were toooooooooo many laughs, a lot of walking and some mighty fine shopping. :)

currently we are listening to the canucks game online...can you imagine they don't have tsn that broadcasts the canucks game?!!? hehehe..


did some press kit shots an up and coming band.. some of my faves.. :)


domestic mail..

if you take a look at my new website - - i have some "code words" for the pricing.. so for headshots, i have named it "domestic mail".. :)

on friday i had the priviledge of photographing an amazing photographer here in vancouver. it can be a little unnerving at first when you are shooting someone who has the same job as you...but it turned out to not be too bad..chuckle.. plus the fact that it is one of my very dear friends, jeanie. :)

here are a few of my faves (as there are waaaaaaaaaaaay too many faves!!) from our session on friday... :)

a different portrait session...interior apartment shots!

i had a lady contact me regarding photographing her apartment for vacation rentals.
prime location - the west end!

here's a few of her cute place..


roni - business headshots

it was only over a month ago that i actually met roni..but i had heard about her lots from my hubby, who works together with her in some leadership development for their businesses.

when she asked if i could do some business headshots for her, i was thrilled! not only cuz she's super cute, but because she said she didn't like getting her photos taken..

i think we did ok, hey? :) we had a blast on granville island.. here are some of my favorites..


my lovely jeanie friend

i was blessed to have met jeanie.
we met outside the front door's of blue olive's annual end of season bash in 2007,which she ended up never getting to..but that's her story to tell.. :)

and we have been friends ever since.

we have this thing...we meet up at least once a week..and it usually revolves around food..giggle...

so of course we geek out and take photos of our food and stuff..

here's last week's lunch date... we went to flo tea room.. super FUN! was recommended by laura on twitter to someone else and i figured we'd give 'er a go.. thanks laura! :) we had yummy hot pot and some lovely beans.. mmmmmmm.. :)

i heart you jeanie..big love. xoxo


starbucks + earth day + you = a good thing


bring your travel mug in tomoro (earth day, wed april 22) and get a free cup o' pike place roast. cha ching.


beautiful ladies..

during our photowalk i managed to score of few portraits of my sisterhood kristal and lani..

again here are some of my faves...

and you can check out more .... pretty pics of kristal & lani