what do you get when...

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i have had the pleasure of shooting weddings with sarah rees the past year, on and off. we totally jive together! and we have become great friends..i just love her so much!

when she asked if i would take some photos of the two of them (plus they're sweet Ruby dog!) i didnt know what i was getting into..shane, her hubby, is HILARIOUS! so needless to say we had a HOOT! and the REALLY great shots -- i can't post here are a few of the "nice" ones!! :)

love you guys bunches!! i had a fun time! :)


lucky number 13!!

who said 13 wasn't a great number!?

this last sunday was our 13th wedding anniversary! i know...time flies!!
we saw each other for the last 45 minutes on sunday; j and kids were in hope sat/sun at a camp he was speaking at and i was shooting a wedding with blue olive til just after 11pm! good thing for us, we usually celebrate for a week.. :)

so the cards keep getting passed, some dinner with the family at our very favorite cristo's greek taverna on hastings..perhaps we'll watch a movie tonight..maybe we'll go out tomoro somewhere for lunch or afternoon coffee..thurs we're going to celebrate with dar and scott who also celebrated their anniversary this month.. such a great week, hey!? :)

here's to us! what an adventure we are on..and have pretty much been on since day ! love you babe, so very much!!

and here's some of our fabulous portraits we got shot for our 13th anniversary from our wonderful friends at blue olive!


weddings updates..

wedding season...for most, that means they may get invited to a wedding or two MAX this summer..for MOI, it means at least 2 a weekend! and every one different, and every one is new to me!

like i posted before i get to work this summer with 4 different photogs - blue olive photography, elizabeth soergel photography, sarah rees of bliss photographic, and miss erin from erin gilmore photography. it's been FABULOUS working with someone different all the time!

this last weekend i worked with sarah on saturday..when she posts on her blog, i'll be sure to let you see! we were at the gorgeous royal vancouver yacht club for the day..the groom was scottish, so kilts were in order! it was a lovely affair!

then yesterday i worked for the third time with sir reilly of blue olive.. if one word can describe working with reilly it has to be FUN. :) every wedding when we go "pick up" miranda for my ride home to burnaby, we fill her in on the details, so it makes it feel more like she indeed WAS with us, as she was DEFINITELY in spirit! when they post some shots from the weddings, i'll be sure to post too!

until then, onwards with my 5 day weekend! ;)


a berry fun time..

the wall's, our friends who live in the suite downstairs in our house, and caleb and i headed out to delta early this's a berry pickin' time again!

we picked for an hour and a half and got a gallon of blueberries and a gallon and a 1/4 of raspberries! all for $16. pretty great deal we thought!!

and now for the sampling..and maybe some jam... :) mmmmmmm...


estevan grad & family sessions

hello wonderful estevan clientel...

guess what monday is? mail day!! that's right!! monday i'm mailing all the proofs and cd's to your respective homes!! thank you so much for your patience in this CRAZY time of year for me!! it was wonderful to capture each one of the sessions..!!

happy summer!


destination = germany!

i got a call from an old friend, who's fiance said, "she MUST have you come photograph her wedding" the other day.. and she's getting married in germany! i'm thrilled! j and i are going to make a holiday of it! :)

i can't i begin the internet research...! my friend (she will remain nameless, as they aren't telling anyone that they're going there to get married!) is getting married in a castle outside of munich..i'm so excited!

stay tuned!!

(photo courtesy of national geographic)


its tuesday and yet...

...i'm still recovering from the weekend...wowzahs!!

saturday i started just after lunch with liz...we were out in pitt meadows for the wedding and ceremony..boy was it HOT! and not a cloud in the sky!! but we managed to make it thru!! :) it was a cool wedding; the groom is an rcmp officer as are two of his they were in the red's... ultra cool!! :)

then sunday started early with mr reilly from blue olive.. off to richmond we went..mayfair lakes for an indian first indian cool! "shoot everything" was the instruction from reilly..and he let me use one of their mark II's..ya i know..its hard really. unfortunately it left me wanting one in a bad way.. :) i'm on the prowl for one! lover's even looking online too! hehehhehe..
we found this random old abandoned house/office that wasn't boarded up and made for some cooooooool pics! can't wait to see them!! :)

thanks for the weekend guys..i'm still bushed! but i love what i do..and i do what i love. ;) wink wink..


rosie's birthday party with her friends..


our dear rosie's birthday is june 18...kinda an awkward time of year; school coming to a close, sports under way, plus everything else that winds up or down at the end of school year.

this year we decided to have your birthday party with her friends in july when things have tapered off.. well they have, and summer also holds vacation times away etc. nonetheless, rosie, hailey and utae had a great time together today!! her friend kaylee had planned on coming but went camping last minute and olivia, our neighbor friend, also had a camp but came over to the house later.

we had tita kristal, my sister, doing princess face painting..they utae's parents brought their badminton set and we all went crazy with the birdee!..then we decorated jewlery boxes...then there was the cupcakes and goodies..writing letters to our world vision sponsor child, dominic and collected some two-nies for him too!... and then presents! it was a super fun day..

tonight before bed, rosie comes to me and says, "momma that was an awesome birthday party"..that made the day.. :)

check out her slideshow --> rosie's birthday at the park

missy and her little men..

how totally forgetful am i!!

as i was looking thru the photos i'm getting done from my estevan trip in june, i realized i forgot to blog my time with missy and her two boys!! oh my goodness!! i'm so sorry!!!! :S

missy had booked a family shoot, along with hubby, but he got called in to work last minute, so we turned it into a mama and sons shoot! the boys were absolute gems and we captured so many sides of them! it was so hard to choose just a couple to post!

here are a few to enjoy...t

my bff and her man friend.. :)


last weekend i took my lovely BFF, erin, and her man friend, peter - whom i introduced to her and vice versa! - out for a stroll at burnaby lake park..and we got some FABULOUS shots of the two of them frolicking together! :) it took a bit for dear peter to relax as he's usually the one behind the camera too! but with much persistant and many laughs, we got 'em! :)

check out their slide show here --> erin & peter


go, lions, go!

caleb is on the burnaby lions football team...and he's super quick..i had my camera with me at last practise so here are a couple shots.. :) do the coaches ever work them hard! it's so cool to watch caleb just go all out.. yes, i'm such a proud mama..

me and my sis downtown

so what do u get when two sisters who always have a blast together get "stuck" downtown??? crazy...pure crazy. :)

my dear friend kristi and her little james..

today i had the FABULOUS pleasure of photographing kristi, the kids' community school coordinator, and her belly that is currently the home of wee little james. :)

she's still got about 3 or 4 weeks to go and she looks like she's gonna pop anyday!

here's a few of our time together..she's absolutely stunning.. hugs! xo


holy photos batman!

so i am taking the photos of our trip to the philippines out of my aperture program on my mbookpro...and i thought, "hmm..i wonder how many photos i ACTUALLY took while we were away.. .the final count....3597! holy cow! that's a few.. :)

just thought i'd share that!


3 weddings and a sister!???!

this weekend was POWER WEDDING WEEKEND; i was shooting with 3 different, amazing photographers!

the first was friday with erin was an absolutely breathtaking wedding of rob and brooke..gabrielle, erin's student assistant, was also there to play!! there was a little drama involved in that day with me RUNNING down beach dr with all my gear so the tow truck wouldn't hook up to our car! then the poor little bridesmaid who passed out at the wesley church due to heat...but despite that, we had a blast! we ended at brock house where erin NAILED it on some ooober crazy remote flash shots by the water as the sun was setting...

(photo credit - erin gilmore photography)

check out the rest of the sneak peek at erin's blog - erin gilmore photography

then saturday started 830 am early with liz soergel and we started off in burnaby and then headed back down again to the wesley church on burrard and nelson! the church co-ordinator was like, "didn't i just see you yesterday?!"..."yes, i get around!" wink wink!

then we had a nice big time frame for photos so we sauntered thru gastown, and was great! we ended down at the marriot pinnacle late that night. hopefully liz will blog it so i can send you over to her blog for a peek!

and the last wedding was yesterday with the infamous reilly of blue olive photography. we started our day in port royal on annacis island with the GREATEST filipino family ever! ivy and her family are filipino...ya, you know what i'm gonna say next...! we had a great time conversing in tagalog while i was there capturing the bride.. it was awesome!

then we arrived just a little late (pinoy time, di ba!?!) to terminal city where we had the outdoor ceremony on the terrace..from there reilly took them within a few blocks radius and ROCKED the camera, yet again! some great lighting and a stunning couple...amazing! :)

so there's the wedding parts...and the sister part!?!?

my baby sister, kristal, has moved from the little pond of kelowna to vancouver! and is living with us, as she starts this new chapter of her life! :) soooooo excited to have my sister here..we's gonna have some mighty great times!! :)

now for this week..i will laundry, clean house, edit grad photos and take my kids to urban kids camp down at coastal church for the week and end it off with rosie's birthday party for school friends at the spray park!

enjoy your monday!! :)


summer is here..

yes, yes it is summer..and i'm strong into wedding season until, oh, mid october! i get to have fun every weekend with a handful of amazing photographers, each weekend it varies...elizabether soergel photography...erin gilmore photography...sarah rees of bliss photographic olive photography..

i will try and blog from each you can see how much fun i really AM having! it depends on who i'm shooting with and how fast they get a blog post up!!

and any family and grad shoots i've shot, i'm in the process of getting those all under way and you should be receiving them in the near future.. :)

all this while having a blast with the kiddies during the week..could life get much better than this?? i contest that it can not!! :)

that's it..just wanted to share the goodness.. :)

vancouver..the city i love... <3


sylvia & gavin

boy did i have fun with the ever-lively erin g yesterday..even the vancouver wetness didnt' dampen our spirits! we had such fun shooting new york couple, sylvia and gavin.. they were so fun..her dress absolutely spectacular and gavin's little boy grins priceless!

enjoy the full post on erin's blog -- sylvia & gavin

all images copyright erin gilmore photography


a dream no longer!!

on monday, june 30, 2008, one of my lifelong dreams came to dream date - a major league baseball game!

we took our kids and harry and stanley (caleb's best friends from korea) and their mom mj with us as a "going away" present as they go back to korea on july 15th.

we had a great seats, i thought - right between right field and center, 3 rows from the field.. oh ya.. :) it was amazing how many toronto blue jays fans there were!

the baseball food was yummy - altho not enough! - the crowd was great...the sun was out..the weather wonderful..the kids did amazing.. pretty much i could go down to seattle every weekend and watch a game.. :)

thanks lover for the awesome memories! love you xo