3 weddings and a sister!???!

this weekend was POWER WEDDING WEEKEND; i was shooting with 3 different, amazing photographers!

the first was friday with erin was an absolutely breathtaking wedding of rob and brooke..gabrielle, erin's student assistant, was also there to play!! there was a little drama involved in that day with me RUNNING down beach dr with all my gear so the tow truck wouldn't hook up to our car! then the poor little bridesmaid who passed out at the wesley church due to heat...but despite that, we had a blast! we ended at brock house where erin NAILED it on some ooober crazy remote flash shots by the water as the sun was setting...

(photo credit - erin gilmore photography)

check out the rest of the sneak peek at erin's blog - erin gilmore photography

then saturday started 830 am early with liz soergel and we started off in burnaby and then headed back down again to the wesley church on burrard and nelson! the church co-ordinator was like, "didn't i just see you yesterday?!"..."yes, i get around!" wink wink!

then we had a nice big time frame for photos so we sauntered thru gastown, and was great! we ended down at the marriot pinnacle late that night. hopefully liz will blog it so i can send you over to her blog for a peek!

and the last wedding was yesterday with the infamous reilly of blue olive photography. we started our day in port royal on annacis island with the GREATEST filipino family ever! ivy and her family are filipino...ya, you know what i'm gonna say next...! we had a great time conversing in tagalog while i was there capturing the bride.. it was awesome!

then we arrived just a little late (pinoy time, di ba!?!) to terminal city where we had the outdoor ceremony on the terrace..from there reilly took them within a few blocks radius and ROCKED the camera, yet again! some great lighting and a stunning couple...amazing! :)

so there's the wedding parts...and the sister part!?!?

my baby sister, kristal, has moved from the little pond of kelowna to vancouver! and is living with us, as she starts this new chapter of her life! :) soooooo excited to have my sister here..we's gonna have some mighty great times!! :)

now for this week..i will laundry, clean house, edit grad photos and take my kids to urban kids camp down at coastal church for the week and end it off with rosie's birthday party for school friends at the spray park!

enjoy your monday!! :)


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