its tuesday and yet...

...i'm still recovering from the weekend...wowzahs!!

saturday i started just after lunch with liz...we were out in pitt meadows for the wedding and ceremony..boy was it HOT! and not a cloud in the sky!! but we managed to make it thru!! :) it was a cool wedding; the groom is an rcmp officer as are two of his they were in the red's... ultra cool!! :)

then sunday started early with mr reilly from blue olive.. off to richmond we went..mayfair lakes for an indian first indian cool! "shoot everything" was the instruction from reilly..and he let me use one of their mark II's..ya i know..its hard really. unfortunately it left me wanting one in a bad way.. :) i'm on the prowl for one! lover's even looking online too! hehehhehe..
we found this random old abandoned house/office that wasn't boarded up and made for some cooooooool pics! can't wait to see them!! :)

thanks for the weekend guys..i'm still bushed! but i love what i do..and i do what i love. ;) wink wink..


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