jeff ow

i got a call last week to assist a fellow by the name of jeff ow.
liz had given him my number, but threaten him, hee hee, to not steal me away from her... i chuckled.. then checked out his website..whoa! crazy funky! and his blog - like nothing i've seen before.. i must say i DID read thru his whole blog becuz it intrigued me so..

check it out ---->

so ya, one day this fall, he said he and his kiddie and liz and lauren (liz's little precious) and me and my rosie should get together for a playdate. i'm thinking that is totally in order. :) it's so great to continue to meet new people in the industry here.. god's tres cool for all the hookups in meeting some fantabulous folk. :)

august 20 - erica and pierre's wedding with liz

liz and i had a super crazy weekend - shooting both saturday and sunday.
but nonetheless we had our share of cheeseball fun! :) :)

erica and pierre...such a lovely wedding.. it was held at the terminal city club downtown.. so nice.. and everything about the day was lovely! :) we were able to go to several locations for shooting the photos, one being the trans continental lounge restaurant at waterfront station - tres cool!!

here's a few pics..

to see more, take a jaunt over to liz's blog.

(all photos copyright of elizabeth soergel photography)


liz, liz, liz... :)


i work with this crazy amazing photographer, liz, who i always have a hoot shooting with.. the lovely liz decided to throw this fantabulous photo of me up on her blog..precious huh?? ;)

this is the only one i had on file that i could throw back her way.. it was on our way back from a wedding in whistler...

love ya girl!


august 12th wedding with sarah the great!

fun fun fun... :)

angela and john were married in this completely adorable little church..
the wedding party was hilarious.. we did crazy fun pics with was such a great day!

once again, sarah rocked - check her out below with her 3 cameras swung over her shoulders!

good times had by all..!

check out more photos at sarah's blog.

(all photos copyright of bliss photographic)


august 19 - sarah and davor's fairlytale wedding

i had the priviledge of working this wedding with liz - it was a persian dream..
sarah, the bride, absolutely breathtaking..davor, sheepishly handsome.. the wedding party absolutely stunning.. yes.. it was enchanting.

up until davor smashed CAKE in sarah's face....! i'm not even joking! but she was such an amazing sport about it! and she got him back pretty good. hee hee..

here's a few of the photos from it.. and you can find more on liz's blog.

(all photos copyright of elizabeth soergel photography)


spanish banks

i LOVE spanish banks, just for the record..and after we took david to our ever infamous indian buffet down on broadway in vancouver, we went for a wee drive down to spanish banks..

i, again, took a ton of pics of david - which he ABSOLUTELY LOVES having sooo many pictures of himself..hehehe..NOT - and got him to take a snap of us too.. enjoy.


waves coffee company

today whilst on my jaunt thru gastown with my cousin david, we passed by waves coffee shop on hastings. last month i blogged about my super great assistant, master caleb, and our shoot we did for the next waves coffee company..

alas, it's in print - pina colada smoothies.. yum.. :)

here's their hastings store and a wee sample of the advertising..

a trip to gastown..

david, my cousin, and i went for coffee and a wee walkabout down and around gastown..
as per usual, we took some pics of some interesting things... :)

mac attack

so i'm sitting in my kitchen last night feeling TOTALLY out of place..
here's my cousin, david, from LA and my best friend erin chillaxin on their
macbooks and i'm like, 'um, ok, i'll just sit here and watch you guys'.. :)

so i took some mac attack pics of their week little apple bites!

seriously, i think MAC is a cult.. ;)

kristal & james

last weekend my sister kristal and her beau, james, came for the weekend..
we gallavanted to granville island, downtown, and all about..

i took some photos for them, down at rocky point park in port moody..they're so cute... here's my faves..