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hey friends!!!

the time has come - a new blog site! is the new home for my blog...the layouts are great..the photos are BIGGER..and it's all around a better feel for where i'm going with my business..

please change your feeds! and head over to my new "home on the web"

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meryl & brian || maternity session || vancouver photographer

let me think...i've known brian since 2001..and meryl a couple years after that.. meryl was in our youth group! wow..suddenly i feel very VERY old. :p

regardless..brian and meryl headed out to vancouver about 6 months after we did. and rewind a little more - i photographed their wedding in 2005!

they are so much fun..and when they announced that "franklin" was gonna be a part of their family in may, i jumped at the opportunity to photograph their maternity session!

i had fun..i giggled as brian remarked, something like, "trace, i love photo shoots with you, i get to kiss meryl lots in public." :)

here's a few from our session down in the heart of new west at the end of april...

seriously..meryl is so stunning!!!!!! i love the next sequence..meryl laughing at bri as i tell him he needs to squeeze in there with her, meryl anticipating and then brian IN FOR THE DIVE! :)

how cute, hey? :)

brian was lovin' me..MORE KISSES!! :P

could resist with the CLEARANCE sign above.. hehehe.. :)

 it took 3 tries but finally we got brian in mid-air at the right spot!

thanks guys for letting me be my cheezy self and allowing me to document yet another milestone in your lives. love you bunches...and can't wait to meet the little man. :) xoxo

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domi & angela || maternity session || vancouver photographer

i remember meeting ang & domi at a wedding. they own the ever fabulous PHOTOBOOTH VANCOUVER. can i just say i LOVE photobooths..i think most photogs do..time to be cheeze in front of the camera.

ANYWAY, this blog post is NOT about that. :)

back to domi & ang.. they are so adorable..and their pooch is pretty darn cute herself! they are a surf lovin' couple who are so incredibly sweet. i just love them!

they had told me about an old tree with a tire swing maybe we could possibly do.. um, YES PLEASE! it was so much fun!!!

ang &'re almost there! soon your little will be with you and you will be a family of FOUR! :)

much love and many hugs and squeezes to you both! xoxo

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shannon & omer - one true (wish) couple - the wedding || vancouver wedding photographer

back before christmas when jeanie asked me if i'd like to give away wedding photography to a couple next year who were involved in "giving" to the community, i was all over it!

[that story HERE if you are new to the blog]

the decision was really hard; we had AMAZING couples send us their stories.

and then we chose omer & shannon. and what an incredible story they have.
two worlds coming together - she from langley and he from pakistan - over an
event - swing dancing!

we got to know them and their unique and beautiful personalities through their super-fun engagement session [look HERE for some of those fun photos!] this past march 2010.

their wedding was unique and beautiful just like the two of them.

i was so blessed by being a part of their day; it was evident the love they shared with each other. and the love that others shared with them. one of MY favorite parts in the reception was going over and waving and smiling to omer's parents, who were in pakistan, watching it all happen via skype. it made me tear up every time. i just love them!

i will let the photos of the day unfold and share the story of the day, through my lenses. :)

first we started with the ladies getting ready and getting shannon into her dress..

they had a first look where they girls were getting ready - the renaissance hotel- before the ceremony.. they were really happy to see each other, don't ya think? :)

 then we got to have a little time to shoot these two..first some bridal portraits and then some of this GORGEOUS couple! :)

this was such a fun sequence of photos.. :) blue steel, giggles and kisses.. :)

and then off to the stanley we went to witness their ceremony..that started off with a really awesome movie of them.. of course! we WERE in a theatre, hello! :)

 after the ceremony there was some milling around the red carpet..and an antique car of course!

a couple more photos around south granville...

and then off to kitsilano beach, where one of the couple's special spots were. :)

the wind was just so and so lovely with shannon's made for wonderful photographic opportunities.. ;)

after our lovely time at the beach, we headed back to joey's on broadway for a fun reception...

but not before we could get in just a FEW more bridal portraits!

omer and shannon really had some gorgeous details!!!!!! their reception was exceptional..the food, the speeches, the music, the was all so lovely.. :)

they had mendi for the ladies and photobooth with their wedding posters for fun throughout the night..

and of course they danced and danced and danced... :)

i love the way omer watched on as his bride danced with her father...

omer & shannon...thank you for letting us be a part of your incredibly beautiful day.. we truly hope your photos from "our true wedding {wish}" were all you could have wished for. :) much love and blessings to you both!

and my partner in crime and friendship - jeanie... i'm so glad you thought of this. and i'm so honoured you asked me to be a part. you are wonderful and i'm so blessed to be a part of your life..and work! :)
let's do this again! :)
trace xoxo

hop on over to JEANIE'S BLOG to view her version of the day! :)

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