maurice & zaira...july 29

the setting was absolutely breath-taking - minter gardens, just this side of hope, bc. it was a spanish wedding.. and zaira was indeed the spanish princess..everything about it was absolutely beautiful..what a wonderful day too..overcast and a little bit of sun now and again..ah, a photographer's dream..

our dear friends

so at maurice and zaira's wedding on july 29, i took a couple shots of our dear friends, scott, darlene and hayley...giggle.. the picture with hayley and her "pingies" in her nose is classic! :)



dad and i changed the brake pads on my car when i was out there..
seriously, there ain't NOTHING like workin in the garage, just like old times sake!

and as you can see, they really needed changing! oh the blessing of having a dad who was a mechanic for 20+ years!

:) love ya dad! and thanks!


a back log of blogging to do..

so i'm kelowna for the week working and decided to also take the time to do a bunch of backblogging; i havent blogged on my photoblog in eons it seems! so take a look and more to come!



another wedding with liz..

i mentioned before that i have the priviledge of working this summer/fall with two amazing photographers.. on the 21st i worked with Elizabeth Soergel in the wedding of chris and amanda.. it was a beautiful outdoor wedding at shaunessy golf course..minor glitch - it was raining! but it didn't seem to make a difference at this wedding! it was beautiful in every way! and we got some FUN pics with umbrellas at UBC and spanish banks! good fun!

check out some of the pics on liz's blog - july 21, 2007

photo copyright 2007 elizabeth soergel photography


a carousel ride..

i just loved the carousel at burnaby village museum ..

i didn't bring the gear i wanted to, to capture what i wanted to but here's a few shots..

take me back to my childhood i tell ya.. :)

burnaby village museum

rosie's little friend utae had her 6th birthday at burnaby village museum.
was cool cuz we had never been there before..

of course i had my camera with me, anticipating a ton of photo ops of anything and nothing. :) kinda how i shoot..i can find ANYTHING to take a photo's an amazing thing really.

rosie of course worked the camera as usual.. :)'s some of my favorites from our day..

bella & daniel

seriously..two of the most beautiful people, inside and out, that i have had the pleasure of photographing, and being friends with.

we had a fun day, starting out at the seawall at stanley park and walking about there..along coal harbour some..and woody and peanut, the cutest little dogs EVER, were a howl - no pun intended!!

it's obvious bella and daniel are ALL about each other. :) twuu luv. ;)


a stroll down the sea wall in yaletown..

my dear bella friend and i went for a leisurly stroll together..
and me being the sentiment..well took pics for posterity's sake.. :p

meow girl!


the BEST assistant i've shot with..

when i got home from saskatchewan i had to get my waves coffee project caleb, my handy dandy assistant, helped me pack a little table, a cooler and some photo equipment down to english bay, the setting for the next waves promo..

he did amazing! and he even had to hold up my MONSTER huge diffuser which was being swung to and fro by gale force winds.. ;)

caleb is the best. :) i can see it now - mom and son fotos ltd.

my first wedding with liz [july7]

the other amazing photographer i'm working for this summer is elizabeth soergel. we shot our first wedding together on july 7..the infamous 7.7.7 date. check out her blog for some of the pics there.. here's one i took, that she was all held at the very beautiful pan pacific hotel, downtown vancouver.

i just love weddings.. :)

(photo copyright of elizabeth soergel photography)


confederation park

we have this great park a short car ride away..confederation park in burnaby.
its got a great kids playground, basketball court and waterpark in it.

yesterday the kids and i went there and met scott and hayley down there where the three kids had a fun time..rosie of course wasnt impressed when caleb was "just being a boy" and was climbing UP the slide..giggle..

he did find the basketball court..and i'm always amazed at how much air that little guy gets. he says he's gonna play in the NBA for 5 years..after he's played in the NFL for 10. ;)

i love that there are amazing green spaces in our new city.
i heart burnaby. :)