i'll be in calgary in august

just letting y'all know..i'm shooting a wedding in august in calgary. actually friday, august 7th to be exact!

if anyone you or anyone you know who might be interested are in the calgary area and are wanting some summer family photos, maternity, newborn or headshot sessions, give me a dingle [604.512.4679] or email me at and we'll make an appointment!

i get in the monday night, so i have a couple days at the beginning of the week to play with y'all!

and also, if you are a photog in and around calgary that week, let's get together and have some chai!! :)

:) trace

[not my fact i have no clue who's photo it is..giggle..]


23.5 hours of weddings!

i made it!

i second shot two weddings this weekend, totally 23.5 hours of shooting and i feel pretty good.. :) and really thankful that today jeanie's taking me for lunch and a massage she gave me for my birthday!! woo hooo! :)

saturday began at 1130 am. a croatian wedding with blue olive, aka miranda and reilly. ;) what an absolutely GORGEOUS day! and the bride, marina, was absolutely STUNNING. her gorgeous provonias wedding dress..her amazing engagement ring and sparkly jewelry..the shoes.. ya. it was all gorgeous. they married at the croatian catholic church and then we headed down around venables and clark industrial area for a FABULOUS photo session!
the reception at the croatian cultural centre..and boy, did they do that hall up! considering i know it for craft was totally transformed it. it was all absolutely stunning. and the partying..boy do they know how to party! :) with a live croatian band and one of THE best DJ's i have EVER heard, we left at 1am..and the party was still going strong!

after 6 hours of sleep and charging batteries, i was off with erin g to a jewish wedding celebration! we started with the getting ready shots of the girls up at the sutton place hotel on burrard, then made our way to point grey to meet the guys and do some fun alley and beach shots around their place.
we made our way to the brock house, where they would marry under the chupah and lots of hora's! fun fun! we started at 130 that afternoon and were heading home at 1130 that evening.

what a fun weekend!

i'll leave you with a few of erin's shots and my tracey factor.. head over to her blog for some more spectacular shots ---> sam & adam's wedding


WW1 history..

jonathan was in manitoba last week..he picked up a few things for his aunt who lives in vancouver here, from the old farm where they all grew up.

before he delivered them to her, i wanted to get a few pictures.. they are truly unreal.
jonathan's great great grandfather was in WW1 and when he got wounded and was in the hospital, he carved these amazing pieces of art..out of used HUGE shell cases.

on the bottom of them were the dates the shells were made; 1906 and 1916! and the one carving has inscribed by his great great grandfather "scene in belgium" and the other the year "1915".

wow. simply wow.
click on the image to enlarge it and take a good look. it's absolutely sobering.


today's EYE fone shot

goodness..can you tell it's been GORGEOUS weather??
no blog posts!! :) here i go..a couple of iphone pics.. :)

this was shot in our backyard today..the neighbor friends and rosie and hayley.. angela, our neighbor and i came around the corner to this and she says, "oh that would make a great picture"...VOILA! iphone instantly POPPED out of my pocket! yay iphone!! :)

and this one is my evening pining photo..just seeing how much flights are to italy... ah yes..if only.. :)


a AA wedding story

AA..alyssa and andrew. erin told me about where we were meeting them for pictures and that they were having their intimate wedding at Brix restaurant in yaletown, vancouver. but i had no idea WHO alyssa and andrew were.

they were so sweet. so relaxed. so full of laughs.
and the entire day went just like that.

and the details..she took care of so many details that just MADE the wedding even more amazing; from wedding photos of all her guests lining the brick entry of amazing colored party packs for the the locket in her bouquet that held photos of her beloved grandparents..and the list goes on!

we started our granville island shoot with a "first look"..then proceeded to take some of the most fun pictures ever. :)

after a couple hours we went to Brix and took some photos down around that area. the simple ceremony, the group photo, the cocktail hour and then the fabulous dinner served.. it was definitely an evening to remember for alyssa & andrew.

here are a few shots of erin's..the tracey factor, of course..and a few shots off my iphone.. :) i'm a dork, yes. :)

congrats alyssa & andrew!!

for more fabulous photos of the wedding, head over to erin's blog... alyssa & andrew's wedding.

the infamous tracey factor.. :)

and a few shots on my iphone, just cuz.. and yes that is a skirt..i wore's a miracle, really.. :)


summer frolicking!


IMG_8135, originally uploaded by tracey heppner.

rosie in boracay, philippines last june...what an amazing family holiday that was! the giddiness in her eyes..and the squeal was priceless.. :)

oh, how we love the beach, my rosie and i.. :)

"it's my day" session with pam

i had such an amazing time photographing the beautiful pam, for her grad session! we headed down to gastown to shoot some fun pics in her GORGEOUS sari!

afterwards we headed to Queen Elizabeth park, where we did some fun shots of her in her beautiful, sexy formal outfit!

it was so hard which to choose for the here are but a few! thanks for a wonderful time pam!! congratulations on your upcoming graduation!


14 grandkiddies

yes i said 14. :)

and yes we took pictures of them all...together.. :)

they did absolutely wonderful considering the sun blazing on us, down at the new west quay!

i had lani second shooting with me and she did a great job entertaining, helping collect kids, and grabbing great candids!

here's a few from our session.. :)

then the cool moms of all the 14 kiddies, who are all sisters, had some pics together..they had a hoot.. :)


today's EYE fone shot

so i got a bunch of editing done today...big HOORAH!
but no blogging.. will do that tomoro!

but i do have an iphone shot!

agro cafe..granville island.. LOVE their chai tea latte..and LURVE their beverage art. :)
nothing but a little contrast added and here i send it off to my friend far away to tauntalize her the fact that vancouver has the greatest chai tea latte's.. :)

summertime bbq

last august, michelle libby and i started a vancouver photogs and second shooters group, with the vision of it connecting the professional photogs in vancouver, networking, and much more.

the response has been overwhelming. we currently have 94 members. we meet every 1st & 3rd wednesday at a coffee shop just cuz.. we planned a big GTG in january, after the annual and ever amazing BLUE OLIVE END OF SEASON BASH (thanks M&R - you guys are so amazing!) in november, to bring as much of the big group together as possible. it proved to be a success. we are in the process of organizing workshops and the likes. its all really quite exciting. :)

and so we are starting an annual summer bbq, as a big GTG before summer goes nuts and the BLUE OLIVE party is upon us once again.

if you are a photographer and want to meet a bunch of amazing people who also happen to be photographers, come on then. :)

contact me for more details. :)

cuz bbq's are neat and summer is rad.

today's EYE fone shot


i didn't post an iphone photo yesterday and it's officially wednesday. so that is two days i didn't post! what on earth!?!?

been crazy..not gonna lie. but i'm back.

and i will post not one, two but THREE to make up for my slackness.. :)

this inside my lovely PEDRO, or our new nissan xterra. :)
shot with a RAD apple application on my iphone (thanks for the recommend, reilly!!) called QUAD CAMERA. for a couple bucks you can shoot several different sets of photos from 4 to 8 photos. kinda fun! some little detail shots of the lovely PEDRO.... :)

and this is another application i was using, again recommended by reilly, CAMERA BAG. it has about 8 different settings..this one is INSTANT, as in hey? :) this is some of the construction i was watching while sitting in the salty tongue down on carrall street in gtown..

and finally a normal shot, of my little brownie.. i soooo remember being a brownie.. :) she was just glowing! :) they go on their first brownie camp this weekend.. fun! the kind of photo every parent sends to EVERYONE on their email list, phone list, xmas list... you get the picture.. (no pun intended.. )

so that's a wrap..i'm going to sleep's my in office work lots of catching up on blogging will be happening.. until then...tootles! :)


today's EYE fone shot

today is mother's day!! i have an entire blog post regarding our awesome day today.
but this is not that post! :)

this is dear friend, whom her and i and our kids went to queen's park and had a lovely picnic.
dar is an RN, masters in nursing...she's awesome. :)

here she is showing me her ice pack, or in other words, an IV bag. :)
chuckle..only my friend dar, the RN. :)

i dunno..dont ya think that NURSE'S JOURNAL would love this shot for their upcoming issue? ah, yes, captured on an iPhone.. :)


today's EYE fone shot

is this not the cutest face you ever saw?

he's one of our neighbors little guys, and he's sooooooo cute. :)

"caught in the act" i think i'd like to call it.. he then proceeded to make sweet kitchen music that only a mother can truly love and appreciate. ;) this is the photo you send when he has become an aspiring musician and you can show everyone his 'humble beginnings'.. :)


today's EYE fone shot

i downloaded this app for my iphone (cuz i can do that sorta cool stuff now!) and it's a zoom for the built in camera of the iphone.. it's pretty cool! you have to be steady, that is for sure.. but on a whole, it was worth the couple bucks. :)

here's today's shot, using the zoom feature to capture the essence of the subject:

it's a little blurry, as i was in a rush to get into a meeting, but dang straight you can let your friends know about the amazing japanese cherry blossoms all over vancouver! aren't they amazing, and so colorful!?



today's EYE fone shot

yesterday at our vancouver wedding photographer & second shooter's java times a few of us were talking about blogging and its benefits. one thing that someone mentioned was that in an article they were reading, even if you don't something to blog per say for that day, you should still blog; tips for shooting, interesting articles, etc. and for getting traffic to your blog...

that gave me an idea....!

since i got my iphone on april 24 i have shot over 120 photos on it. heheh.. :)

and i figure i am going to share one a day..just cuz. :) and also that you TOO can use your camera phone to actually take some decent snaps when you dont have your *good* camera with you!

so here's today's.. :)

all i did was pull it into CS3 and lighten it up a bit and give it a bit of contrast..
and voila!

not bad for an iphone hey? definitely could send that off to auntie bella in italy to show her how you've mastered the capresse, no? :)

see you tomoro! :)


a mooo-velous discovery

summer, the bride we shot in raleigh, made up and left in our room this really sweetly made goodie bag of all sorts of AMAZING things. one of the treasures was a gift card to CHICK-FIL-A.

we had NO idea what the big deal was about it. but apparently it was a big deal.

so we went to it ourselves.

and it WAS a big deal..we even got a little crazy over it.. :)

pinay... pronouced, "pea-nigh"

pinay is the filipino word for a female philippino.

while i was in NC, i got a message from a friend we knew when we lived in manila, philippines back in 2001... she didn't know i was going to be in raleigh..and furthermore, she and her hubs only lived 20 minutes away from our hotel! can we say reunion!?!? :)

so they picked me up and took me to their new home of 2 weeks... what a GORGEOUS home in a brand new development.

it was so great to see loida! and i met her hubby, jim, for the first time in person! (i have only heard about him and seen pics!) and his fun daughter, jess! :) they cooked me a fabulous pasta dinner and some yummy truffles for dessert! it was such an awesome afternoon/evening. so sad that it had to come to an end.

here's some pics of our time together.. love you loids!!!