today's EYE fone shot

yesterday at our vancouver wedding photographer & second shooter's java times a few of us were talking about blogging and its benefits. one thing that someone mentioned was that in an article they were reading, even if you don't something to blog per say for that day, you should still blog; tips for shooting, interesting articles, etc. and for getting traffic to your blog...

that gave me an idea....!

since i got my iphone on april 24 i have shot over 120 photos on it. heheh.. :)

and i figure i am going to share one a day..just cuz. :) and also that you TOO can use your camera phone to actually take some decent snaps when you dont have your *good* camera with you!

so here's today's.. :)

all i did was pull it into CS3 and lighten it up a bit and give it a bit of contrast..
and voila!

not bad for an iphone hey? definitely could send that off to auntie bella in italy to show her how you've mastered the capresse, no? :)

see you tomoro! :)


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