a AA wedding story

AA..alyssa and andrew. erin told me about where we were meeting them for pictures and that they were having their intimate wedding at Brix restaurant in yaletown, vancouver. but i had no idea WHO alyssa and andrew were.

they were so sweet. so relaxed. so full of laughs.
and the entire day went just like that.

and the details..she took care of so many details that just MADE the wedding even more amazing; from wedding photos of all her guests lining the brick entry of amazing colored party packs for the the locket in her bouquet that held photos of her beloved grandparents..and the list goes on!

we started our granville island shoot with a "first look"..then proceeded to take some of the most fun pictures ever. :)

after a couple hours we went to Brix and took some photos down around that area. the simple ceremony, the group photo, the cocktail hour and then the fabulous dinner served.. it was definitely an evening to remember for alyssa & andrew.

here are a few shots of erin's..the tracey factor, of course..and a few shots off my iphone.. :) i'm a dork, yes. :)

congrats alyssa & andrew!!

for more fabulous photos of the wedding, head over to erin's blog... alyssa & andrew's wedding.

the infamous tracey factor.. :)

and a few shots on my iphone, just cuz.. and yes that is a skirt..i wore's a miracle, really.. :)


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