summertime bbq

last august, michelle libby and i started a vancouver photogs and second shooters group, with the vision of it connecting the professional photogs in vancouver, networking, and much more.

the response has been overwhelming. we currently have 94 members. we meet every 1st & 3rd wednesday at a coffee shop just cuz.. we planned a big GTG in january, after the annual and ever amazing BLUE OLIVE END OF SEASON BASH (thanks M&R - you guys are so amazing!) in november, to bring as much of the big group together as possible. it proved to be a success. we are in the process of organizing workshops and the likes. its all really quite exciting. :)

and so we are starting an annual summer bbq, as a big GTG before summer goes nuts and the BLUE OLIVE party is upon us once again.

if you are a photographer and want to meet a bunch of amazing people who also happen to be photographers, come on then. :)

contact me for more details. :)

cuz bbq's are neat and summer is rad.


Kym said...

i have a friend who might be interested, i will pass it on to her ate trace :)

Jillian Kirby said...

Oh I really need to come one of these days!!
Just found your new blog (I've been living under a rock!). LOVE it!!!

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