pinay... pronouced, "pea-nigh"

pinay is the filipino word for a female philippino.

while i was in NC, i got a message from a friend we knew when we lived in manila, philippines back in 2001... she didn't know i was going to be in raleigh..and furthermore, she and her hubs only lived 20 minutes away from our hotel! can we say reunion!?!? :)

so they picked me up and took me to their new home of 2 weeks... what a GORGEOUS home in a brand new development.

it was so great to see loida! and i met her hubby, jim, for the first time in person! (i have only heard about him and seen pics!) and his fun daughter, jess! :) they cooked me a fabulous pasta dinner and some yummy truffles for dessert! it was such an awesome afternoon/evening. so sad that it had to come to an end.

here's some pics of our time together.. love you loids!!!


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