14 years of love.. :)

14 years ago jonathan and i got married in calgary (shout out to all you, calgarians!) in the backyard of his sister's condo.
there were 16 of us there in total.
we planned our wedding in 4 days.

yes, 4 days. :)

long story short - two kids (me 23 and him 20) finally deciding we couldn't live without each other.

here's our "official" wedding photo.. my mom took it. :) thanks mom! xo

forward to today.. 14 years.
we've had some adventures...from living with 3 different people in our first year of marriage and only 2 months of that was actually on our own...from moving to the philippines 6 months after we married and staying there for 6 years, acquiring 2 amazing kids and a giant load of amazing in saskatchewan for 5 years and growing to love the beauty of the flat prairies...and now we are here in vancouver, living the dream..together.

lover, as i fondly call him (what?! his name is jonathan? really? ) is my best friend.
lover completes me..just like jerry maguire said.. :)

i simply can't imagine my life without him.
and i simply can't imagine not having our life together.

we have been thru a lot..but have ALWAYS come out stronger.
we were made for each other.

so here's to us..lovers..friends..companions..
we pretty much rock. :)

i'm on facebook, hey.. :)

tracey l heppner photography
tracey l heppner photography
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wow..simply wow..



i heart you.. :)


hi friends..this evening i'm overwhelmed.

overwhelmed in the positive sense of the word.

today has been an extraordinary on so many levels for me, for my family, and for my business.

it's with sheer delight and gratitude that i'm letting everyone know that i am completely booked for my calgary week.

thank you all so much for contacting me and booking. i'm so excited to be "shooting" you..giggle.. :)

and if you want to have coffee or drinks or food, please...DONT hesitate..there is ALWAYS time for that goodness!

thank you again for all support and love my friends.

you are the best.


calgary is bookin up fast!


hey friends!!

i'm getting excited for my calgary trip in august!

it started primarily for me to shoot a wedding of a lovely couple and now because i'm there for so many days, i'm getting many inquiries re portraits! yay!

so i'm just going to let you know what i have left for portrait sessions..

tues - 10:30am, noon (let's do lunch first!?!!), 4pm
wed - 10:30 am, noon (again, lunch is fun!?!)
thurs - 10:30am, noon
saturday - noon (lunch? :p) 4pm, 6pm.

and just a reminder of the sittings normally start at $200 and then you get proofs and a $25 print credit. for YOU, i am charging $175 and you get a cd of high resolution files so you can make as many prints as your little heart desires, up to 8x10.

talk soon!

message me back or email at

happy day to you!

my "silly" blog

i have ANOTHER blog..i started it in may, i think.

check it out.. :)


we have THE coolest family pics.. :)


soooooooooooo.... here is our family pics that we got done in may by our dear friends, reilly & miranda of blue olive.

tell me...are these not the coolest, ever!? thanks again R&M... you make us look too cool for school... ;)

click on the link below:

heppner family shoot by blue olive photography


our family vacay - day 4 - cannon beach! || vancouver photographer

day 4 of our trip we were headed to cannon beach for 3 nights. we left vancouver, WA just after breakfast after coffee at peet's with our dear friends. we then went and got groceries and then headed west for the gorgeous coast..

tap tap tap..there's no place like cannon beach.. :)

check out the public facebook album! cannon beach - 1

our family vacay - day 3, vancouver, wa

sunday...after family portraits in the morning and the spectacular ethiopian coffee ceremony in the afternoon, my darling hubs made us all an incredible dinner on the bbq.. mmmm...

and we just chilled and hung out and relaxed and giggled at cute painted toes..cuz that is what you do on vacay.. :)

i did sneak a mini portrait session with sarsina..she's so gorgeous.. :)

bliss soap company - seattle, wa

a few seattle trips ago, with my dear friend jeanie, we happened upon this amazing little soap shop. we were overwhelmed with all the coolness that filled this shop!

we introduced ourselves to the owner, phil, and the rest is history.. :)

our family holiday i did a little "work" and took a visit to bliss to take photos of their new stock for their website.

not only do they make "regular" soap, but they have "food" soap, as you will see.. some are bathbombs, some are soaps, some are both..sooo creative!

and his wholesale end is BOOMING! he now makes bars for a major cruise line...30,000 bars every 4 months.. hello! can we say busy!? :) way to go phil!! :)

phil...your shop rocks..and you are such a great guy! sooo glad our paths have crossed. :)

for more info - they do orders online too! - visit

and to see a TON more amazing photos of his AWESOME soap, go to the public facebook album - bliss soap


ethiopian coffee ceremony

sunday, day 3 of our vacay, after family portraits sarsina did an ethiopian coffee ceremony.

in short - amazing.

a little longer - 3 rounds of lovely espresso.

longer version - sarsina sets up where the ceremony will be. then the coals are lit and the process of roast the raw coffee beans begin. once they are roasted, they are hand ground until the right coarseness. then the hot water that has been boiled in an ethiopian coffee pot, is removed from the heat and the grounds go in for round 1.
during this time there has been frankincense burning, for lovely aroma to relax with. when the coffee is the right "color" then sarsina pours it in our cups. we then drink up and she hand washes them, and so the process happens again..and again.

it's so much fun and sooooooooooooo great! :)

our family vacay - day 2, part 2 - vancouver, WA

we stayed two nights in vancouver WA with our dear friends, the cake's. we were so excited to meet their newest daughter, sarsina, who we've been waiting for her adoption to go thru since december! sarsina and her mom rachelle made us an amazing ethiopian about delish!! sunday afternoon, after family portraits, we were going to have an offical ethiopian coffee ceremony...CAN.NOT.WAIT!!!!!

oh ya, jonathan and patterson were also the mechanics of the alien saucers the boys kept bashing into hard things. they sure don't make toys like they used to!

and the kids did some facepainting and did a show for us.. so cute.. :)

here's a few pics.. :)

and the rest of them on the public photo album on facebook!