ethiopian coffee ceremony

sunday, day 3 of our vacay, after family portraits sarsina did an ethiopian coffee ceremony.

in short - amazing.

a little longer - 3 rounds of lovely espresso.

longer version - sarsina sets up where the ceremony will be. then the coals are lit and the process of roast the raw coffee beans begin. once they are roasted, they are hand ground until the right coarseness. then the hot water that has been boiled in an ethiopian coffee pot, is removed from the heat and the grounds go in for round 1.
during this time there has been frankincense burning, for lovely aroma to relax with. when the coffee is the right "color" then sarsina pours it in our cups. we then drink up and she hand washes them, and so the process happens again..and again.

it's so much fun and sooooooooooooo great! :)


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