our first EVER family vacay!

yes..we have been to other places..but to visit friends/family, or have gone with family.
[side note: not that family is, not at all! they rock!] but we are going, just the 4 of us,
on a road trip the oregon coast.

we leave tomoro..first stop - seattle! we're staying tomoro night at my most favorite b&b - musical house just off 10th near broadway. we're also watching a mariners game tomoro night.. woot woot!

saturday am after breakfast we will do the underground tour of seattle - i did it with my BFF last january, it's soooooo cool!
then after lunch we will head down to vancouver, WA to stay and chill with some dear friends who i've know since i went to college in 1991. [we visited them last year..and they just got their 14yr old daughter from ethiopia!]

monday morning we go to our cabin at cannon beach, where we will call "home" til thurs.
i can not WAIT.

and don't worry about pacey - one of our great friends is house/dog sitting while we are gone, so he'll be in heaven!

will probably blog while i'm gone..i tend to blog holidays - so the kids have something to read/look back at later on in life.
plus the resort on the beach we are at has a wi-fi.. AND a coffee bar. hello heaven. :)


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