my favorite chiropractor and his girls

i got to take some shots of dr. david peaace and his family from estevan..
just a few of my faves.. :) they are such a beautiful family.. :)


the 3 babes

my favorite chicks in the beef plaza, and i had lunch together today..
it was SO great to see tareina and jaime...jaime even wrote rosie a note. :)

you need promo hard goods or website development/hosting - see these chicks..
they are THE BEST.

love you girlsies!!


grad 2007 in estevan

just one of my favorite grad shoots i shot while in estevan for the week...

my mural submission in estevan sk

when i was back in estevan this week, they had my "mural" dedicated.
it was one of the photos i submitted and got blown up 4feet by 6 feet.
retrofuture reflections is what we - jonathan helped me name it! - called it
and it can be found on the TD bank in estevan saskatchewan.

the bank even had a cake and refreshments and the whole shindig! it was pretty fun!

in the one photo it's leslie padwick, the head of the arts in life committee i was involved with, lynn chipley - president of the estevan beautification committee- and fellow arts in life-er gail tylandsvik and myself.

my claim to fame..chuckle..everyone's gotta have one, right? :)


elijah d and MF

i had the PRIVILEDGE of taking out my SUPERcoolANDcrazy nephew and neice, elijah and merry faye, to estevan's FINEST ice cream parlour, get the scoop... we OBVIOUSLY had fun with the camera..hee hee.. they are the best.

tita tracey loves you guys BUNCHES!!


land of living skies

one canNOT tell me that saskatchewan doesn't have THE best biggest skies EVER.

check, check it out.. mmm hmmm...bring it on.. :)


my first wedding with sarah.. [june 23]

so this summer i'm shooting mostly with two amazing photographers, assisting/secondary shooting with's been so great for me; i hope it's been even a little bit of the same for them! haha!!

my first was with sarah from bliss photographic..
the wedding we shot was fun..they had it down at the pan pacific convention centre and then at the metro lounge..

check out some of the photos on sarah's blog.. or visit their slide show at stephanie and jason's slide show link.

(all photos in this blog entry copyright of bliss photographic)


a visit from my bro and sis-in-love [june 19]

so my bro and his wife came down to vancouver for a couple days for business..and we had some pleasure while they were here! went to burnaby mountain park, went to sanafir restaurant, english bay and the macaroni grill at the rogers mansion.. pretty much a fun time!check, check it out! :)

another arson shoot with kris [june 21]


i got to get the front end of an arson shoot with kris krug again..

unfortunately for me, i couldnt stay the whole time, but did catch him in action..
and met fiona garden, an amazing photographer, and stephanie vacher, a really talented and cool cat currently attending emily, fun times..even the ones in elevators with IRATE little asian construction workers, hey kris!? hehheh..

check out his pics at his site.. arson spring 08 shoot


sports day! [june 18]

i was helping out in the hot lunch at school for sports day, so i couldnt' take pics, but my trusty assistant, lover, did a fine job of capturing the's a few of them.. and j said that caleb is extremely competitive...hmmm..i wonder where he gets THAT from!