kris krug and the ARSON 2008 catalogue

so i just found this on my buddy kris' blog.. so thought i'd share it too.. i wasn't able to be there for the full shoot..but for what i was there for - fantabulous!

check out kris' blog


kiddies + beach = fun!


what: family portraits
where: boundary bay beach
when: a wonderful clear sunny day
who: jeff, sarah, michael, and morgan

what an absolutely amazing time we had on the beach...running after the beachball, walking on logs...finding treasures (ay matie!) and jumping in the little pools of water!

so much fun...such a beautiful little family!


shooting the kids..

my best friend erin found this little blurb in the globe and mail newspaper of tuesday, aug 28, 2007 in the "social studies - a daily miscellany of information by michael kesterton.

note: in no means does this article reflect the opinions of the owner of this blog.. :) but it's really quite funny.. hee hee

shooting the kids
photographing children can be challenging, write jody mace in the christian science monitor. kids have short attention spans and are wildly unpredictable. she offers some tips:

>>take care in how you arrange them. seperate the kids most likely to hit - or else take seperate pictures. you can always photoshop them together later.

>>make sure their outfits don't clash. if on child spills ketchup on his shirt, consider spilling barbeque sauce on the second child.

>>if your children get antsy, take pictures of someone else's children. that will show your kids, especially when you hang the pictures in your living room.

>>let the child be part of the action. young children love taking pictures, especially with very expensive cameras that are out of warranty.

hope you had a little chuckle.. i did. ;)

this would be MY daughter posing like the little cheeseball she is, for someone else.. hee hee