pay it forward, photogs.. :)

i got "hit" with this cool project challenge:

Pay It Forward: Portraits of Other Photographers

Here’s the plan:

1. Find another photographer.

2. Take a portrait of that person with whatever matters most to them, be it their family, their cat, or their first-edition copy of Molecular Quantum Mechanics.

3. Give them a copy of their portrait, on one condition:
they have to do the same for another photographer.

There you go: one day of shooting, and you’ve set the wheels in motion for an ongoing (possibly never-ending) project.

So here is my contribution: sarah of bliss photographic and her beautiful little man, callum. :)


...for venice. day i will live there. one day.. :)


candace and ed + lots of amazing vendors = fabulous wedding!!!

in dec i had the priviledge of shooting a well stacked and gorgeous wedding with blue olive as their 3rd shooter - yes miranda was back!!!!! and by stacked i mean, the vendors were amazing! tanya from milestone, steph and kathy from marliss and a few more!

the gorgeous couple, candace and ed, had their ceremony at the about STUNNING!! i blushed a little when miranda told me that the photo i took from up top rocked..ok i blushed A LOT! so here's the photo and a link to take a look at the rest of the photos on their blog.

it's always so much fun shooting with people you love shooting with and who have become friends.. :) love you olives!! :)

candace and ed's wedding.



was just thinking about my trip to europe, AGAIN, this morning.. :)'s a shot from a night photo walk in munich...what a lovely city...


INDIE I DO = screaming success!!


yesterday was an AMAZING day..

miranda and reilly of blue olive photography and andrea and rob of lotus events redefined the meaning of wedding show. months ago the idea of an alternative wedding show was born...something where amazing vendors with unique and fun wedding ideas came together to spend the day having fun.. it was nothing less than an exciting and fun day! and the final count was 700 people came thru the doors!!! how amazing for their first year! can't wait for next year!!!

here's some photos from the day...there's a lot.. :) check them out on the facebook links below.. :)

indie i do - album 1

indie i do - album 2

indie i do - album 3

indie i do - album 4

boracay dreaming.. :)


IMG_8031, originally uploaded by tracey heppner.

i just love this photo of my amazing kiddies, from when we were in boracay this last summer...

actually they make this picture.. my kids are the best ever. oxxo


dave & danielle's winter wedding..

i had the opportunity to shoot alongside kristel wyman this last weekend.. dave & danielle were so laid back.. we started at a church in oakridge in vancouver, headed downtown to the skytrain and around there for photos then back to end the night with a casual and very unique reception at cecil green... thanks again kristel for letting me shoot with you. :)


let the sunshine in...


IMG_5649, originally uploaded by tracey heppner.

underground seattle's streets..even the sun comes thru really well there i wish it were the same with this really think sight of sun anywhere...hmmmm... maybe tomoro... maybe not..


fussen, germany


IMG_1046, originally uploaded by tracey heppner. or lunch here today would be lovely..i guess i'll just be sitting in front of my fireplace with my coffee.. :)


mr james!

remember that maternity shoot i did for my dear friend kristi in the summer?

well i saw them at a shindig last night...and OH MY WORD is he ever a doll! i can't wait to do their family pics in the next couple months.

so of course i brought my camera and of course i took some snaps.. :)


italian dreams


IMG_9310, originally uploaded by tracey heppner.

northern italy..majestic..i think i will dream of this tonight...xo


i have a real hankerin for ...

..greeting cards.

seriously...i do.

i LOVE buying greeting cards, and giving greeting cards.
and i love finding AWESOME greeting cards.

so far, KIMPRINTS down in gtown has my favorite selection of greeting cards.

i can never just buy one or two..i buy like a dozen or more.
i know..really an addiction.
but i suppose there could be worse things to be addicted coffee or gambling or cocaine.. :)

here's a snipet of some of the FABULOUS cards i found today.. :)

note: i am not responsible for the response of those who go any further in this blogpost. :)

oh dear civi..

when i was 15 i bought a car.
it was a whopping $750.
back then that was a lot of moolah. ;)

it was a lovely car.
it was a 1978 honda civic with a truck, not a hatchback.
it was yellow, with a GOLD trunk.

i loved that car.
i bombed around in that thing in sidney and victoria, where i grew up, like no tomoro.
i even fit 12 people in it once....! do NOT try this at home.

anyhow, today whilst walking with my loverly jeanie friend in gtowni spotted an almost exact replica - it had a yellow trunk - of my firstcar.

so of course i HAD to take pictures... it was a happy spot on a rainy day. :)

i heart seattle


IMG_5615, originally uploaded by tracey heppner.

thinking about seattle today and the floods..i was there a year ago on weekend trip with my dear friend erin..i think i need to go back just as soon as they dry out..


introducing mr callum!

my dear friend sarah from bliss photographic and her cool hubbie shane had THE cutest little guy just before christmas..his name is callum and he's so cute! and sarah looks amazing!!
i went over there today and OF COURSE i had to sneak some pics of the little guy! :)
so we hunkered down beside the amazingly lit window and away we went! :)