elegance and fun


elegant they looked..
fun and filled with laughs they were..
what a great combo..and a wonderful
wedding to shoot.. :)


fairy tale endings...


july 2005 -a beautiful princess fairy tale wedding..

some reflections the last while..

0 comments i haven't been able to take many
photos just for myself..been all "work"
related..which isn't bad...i think that actually,
i have been living vicariously through some of my
"jobs", to be a little more creative than usual..'s some from the last while... i just
went digital, so it makes uploading my stuff a heckuva
lot easier.. :)

this is rosie muffin..
she is so sweet..
oh yes, oh yes.. :)

was experimenting a little with
the 20D, aka "della".. with the
sunset action and fill flashing the horse...
it's not what i saw in my mind exactly,
but its still cool...
i took this pic for a friend of mine...

what is a photo blog all about??


a photo blog, huh?...hmmm...wonder exactly how this is all to work... it goes.. :)

mike and shari, august 2005...they's gettin married.. they's real cute too...will be fun to shoot them in october in 'the hat'...