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the lovely accents at woodcreek cottage..

of course while i was with kristal, i had to take some new photos of woodcreek cottage for mom's website.. :) she has such lovely things..... :) :)

wendy and her boys

i had a lovely visit my dear friend wendy, my mom's right hand woman at the store!
couldn't resist taking photos of her and her boys - jake and pepsi. :)

they are so funny..and wendy just loves them to bits!

thanks for the tea and the visit wendy!!

james and his bro's acoustic show

again, while out in kelowna in january, i got to listen to kristal's boyfriend, james, and his bro, along with a few others do an acoustic show..

and my sis and james even sang one together.. :)

some of the snaps i took..

some of the fine dining we had in kelowna - jan 2008

my sister and i ate out alot..ok, almost at least 1x a day :)
and why not?? we had the cash (thanks mom!) and i hate cooking and it's just the two of us!

we had breakfast one morning at the bohemian cafe, downtown kelowna..that, my friends, is where i fell in love with BC BENNIES. :)

we then went home and the view from the "lookout" was beautiful..

we had dinner one night at yamas, greek restaurant...mmmmmmmm greek! :)

then of course sushi's at momo's...where i fell in love with their philadelphia roll..
mmmmmmmmmmmmm..... :)

altho when we were at momo's, these two girls (who i snuck a photo of) were so obnoxiously loud, and were talking about how they went out and got drunk and this guy and that guy..honestly, NOT dinner talk. i was so repulsed. so i decided i'd shoot a pic and blog them, and how rude it is when people talk crap at dinner time when most people are wanting a nice dinner different if we were in a fast food joint..but momo's is far from that. gah! :)

lady of the lake

in january, i stayed for 5 days with my sister in kelowna while the 'rents were away in las vegas..

we had such a great week together!

she was part of something called lady of the lake..kinda like miss kelowna.
i went with them as they tried on clothes at cleo's and shoes at payless was fun!

unfortunately my sister had to pull out cuz of her involvement in "the sound of music" at kelowna actor's studio..

nonetheless, it was a great experience for her!


this week's tulips..


if you haven't noticed i LOVE tulips..or shall i say two lips? ;)

these ones i found this week.. and just smile whenever they greet me.. :)

sheila's extraordinary jewelry


i met this wonderful lady, sheila, who makes the most amazing silver jewelry.

she asked me to take some shots for her website she getting built.. how fun!

check back for her website post so you can buy some of her fabulous pieces!


lunch with liz at chada thai


(sorry about the photo not being vertical..stupid thing wouldn't fix. they were taken on my sony ericsson phone!)

today i took liz out for her post birthday lunch.. i told her she had to choose the place. and choose the place she did! this quaint little thai place, chada thai, in coquitlam! it was so great and soooo yummy! :)

happy birthday friend..may this year be one of great adventure for you.

ps - NICE hat. ;) i want it!


caleb's 12 hr mohawk

my son let his uncle shave his head into looked rad!!!
then he woke up and and decided he wanted to shave it all off.. :)

it looked cool while it lasted, caleb! :)

sarah ROCKS!! :)

my dear friend sarah of bliss photographic, had me over today...we ate her AMAZING muffins, had some lovely chai..and then she showed me a few tricks of the photoshop trade.. :)

she's so funny... thank you sarah for being a cool friend! :) oxo


now i lay me down to sleep

a couple of years ago i discovered this remarkable association through a friend who's photographer in toronto was a member of.

i took at a look at their site and was captured by their mandate.
at the time we lived in a small town where there were no affiliates of NILMDTS, so it wasn't until we moved to the city that i contacted the vancouver rep here and became a member.

i am attending some training at the end of this march and the end of april, and i'm really excited to see where this goes.

it resonates within my heart, being a missionary in the philippines for 6 years and being a lay midwife.

check out their website for more details of who they are..

now i lay me down to sleep

my heart,

below is a video that the Today Show did last's represents NILMDTS so well..enjoy..


our yaletown friends.. :)


we spent the late afternoon and evening with our dear friends david & roberta.
they just moved into their new place together last month; they also got married last month in HAWAII!!

we had such a lovely time with them and the view from their place looking into english bay was breathtaking...i wish i had my tripod, but took a "snap" of the amazing night view!!

love you, friends!