my daughter's in the newspaper..huh.. :)


..and that one of us was none other than rosie..

here's the link of the article. our school rocks.
for the record. :) ya, that's right, you're talking to
next year's community school association co-chair..chuckle..

of course i love competition...or maybe i'm just competative..
i'm thinking of ways to get in the paper now too. :p


reflections from within..

it's sunday.. it's may 27...
where HAS the year gone??

i reflect the last almost 3 months being here in vancouver..
the new life we have..the new friends we're making..the new times it's almost too much to take in.. at
other times i sit in awe and can't quite believer we're here,
doing the dream..

my heart is full...full of lots to give..but my humanity and all
of life's experiences sometimes make it impossible to even THINK
about giving.. you know? all that to say.. i'm thankful.

thankful for so much that is in my life... so with that. i will start
to list what i'm thankful for..

my lover..that amidst the comings and goings of the last couple weeks,
we have "us"..that we talk..that we fight..that we push thru.. i'm so thankful
that we have each other.. i simply cannot imagine living this life, my life, our
life, with anyone but he. i'm thankful he loves me, inspite of myself, and all
that i bring, and dont bring to "us".. i am thankful that we are forever.

my cute.. so sensitive. little
man is almost "double digits" as he has pointed out.. wow. hard to believe.
his beliefs, his values..all being more and more evident and manifested in his
life. he will be a great man.. he will do great things.. he touch many..

my baby girl.. almost in full time crazy to think.. seems like not
so long ago she was crawling it's dressing up and giggling and
being girlie girl. she is god's gift to me.. she accesses all the little parts in me
that were maybe unable to come out as a young child.. and i watch her and
almost see myself in her in so many ways.. in ways i never was, but in ways
that i see now, and know what is in myself , just waiting to be free..

my life.. i often look back, and do the "shoulda coulda wishda".. what if i went to
school after grad? what if i lived somewhere else? what if i travelled there? what if
i , what if i, what if i? no i dont regret my life.. i look around me and watch many
and think, would i change anything, really? i lived abroad, i had babies naturally, i
spent a year in oregon, i lived in 3 provinces, i have moved almost 30 times, i have
met some of my best friends, i have experienced things in my life that have affected
me in such an incredible spiritual way, that i look back and go, no.. where i am today
is becuz of the choices i made yesterday, and what fun i had! what adventures did
i go on! would i trade that for security? for reasoning? for logic? nah.. :) call me
crazy, call me me what you'd like.. but i have lived my life to the
fullest..and will not regret.

those are some of the things i'm thankful for today.. :) maybe i'll add some more another day..


my best friend, a couple of kiddies and a trip to victoria

my hubby was away may long what did we do?
myself, and my two kids along with my best friend erin, packed our stuff
and headed to victoria for a couple days of playing tourist.

it was good fun..ah, the memories... :)

we went to the craigdarroch castle..walked all thru the streets of old downtown..visited the parliment buildings...went on a carriage ride, much to rosie's delight, thru james bay..walked thru sidney-by-the-sea, the town i grew up in... it was much fun!

my mama & woodcreek cottage [may 10-12]


me and mama, may 2007

my mom has this AMAZING store in kelowna - woodcreek cottage - that just celebrated 10 years. mom asked me to redo their website, to get a bunch of stuff done for her, and my favorite part: come up and work with her and the girls on the 3 days!!

here's a few pics of the kinds of treasures are found at mom's store...

wendybee, mom's right hand at the store

i only worked two days, the fri and sat, as we came up after school on thurs.
the kids had a great time with my sister kristal..grampa came home on friday from being away was a nice time..

here's some of the fun pics of time:

jenn echols and north van [may 9]

had a business coffee with another amazing photographer - jenn echols, of north van.
she's great! got her name thru jana, another photographer (see a few previous blogs ago!).
she was really cool to talk with.. met at a cool place called jj bean coffee house..

anyhow, after our chat i meandered thru north van.. really love the "feel" there. .way more laid back and relaxed than vancouverites..and it's simply just a bridge that seperates them..funny how that works..

here are a few of my favorites from the excursion:

check the rest out here: a trek thru north van

a coffee date with lover.. [may 5]


lover and i went on a coffee date at the beginning of the month.. took some crazy pics..and some kinda cool ones.. drank some lovely starbucks.. drove around and checked out posh houses.. took pics of great views... ya pretty much was the :)

you can check out the rest of the photos here: a coffee date with lover


a lovely day of relaxing

so woke up and wanted to do something but nothing that took too much brain power.
and considering we haven't done anything together as a house, what better time to?!

i texted the household here and asked if anyone was up to going to false creek/granville
for lunch and for the day. every one was game.. saweeeet!

so we took the train and bus down to false creek and ate at our infamous
NEW INDIA buffet on broadway.. of course, ate too much, but loved it. :)

then we took a jaunt down to granville island, via the false creek park.. LOVELY!
the site of downtown and it's buildings standing in all its majesty with the mountains
in the background - was breathtaking.

we found a spot on the wharf and watched a street performer who got scott to help out
in his act..

then we took the bus home and called it a day.. and a VERY good day at that. :)

want to see our outting in true tracer form? check them out here:

our outting to granville - may 5, 2007



the vancouver canucks

the day of the canucks unknown "last game", i was driving home from vancouver and saw this on the road..i caught it with my cell phone.. unfortuneatly they were killer ducks..sigh..
the canucks did great tho.. woooooooooooo canucks!!!!!!!!

me and shane and our "nooder" experiences..

had lunch on the fly with our cousin shane (holmes)...

he took me to this GREAT place, the noodle box, on 4th
in vancouver.. it was amazing! he said they used to have porcelain

dishes for their food, in the shape of take-out boxes.. but don't
anymore cuz too many people stole them. honestly... some people
are so dumb.

we had fun.. we always do.. :)

note: all photos taken with my handy-dandy lil camera phone. :)


birthday fun..

my family came from kelowna for the weekend..
we ended up takin the train downtown to just tour about..
twas loverly.

then had my birthday luncheon on sunday april 29th... good times had by all..

enjoy the snaps..

birthday weekend part 1
birthday weekend part 2