i guess this is what happens when you post to FLICKR..

i have but a few of my pics up on my flicker account.

apparently one that SCHMAP.COM wanted.

here's the pic..and here's the link where you can see it rotate thru about a dozen or so other "gastown" pics..

kinda fun.. :)



birthdays, smirthdays..

i'm not a real fan of birthdays.
wait, that's not ENTIRELY true.
let me be more specific - my birthdays.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE doing stuff for other people's birthdays..
but mine..notta.

however our dear MB team had a wee party with lots of chocolate
cakes and that made me quite happy about the possibility of a birthday
party for me.. :)

here's some shots my new "assistant" erin took of us all! :)

then of course er and i had to have a little fun with the camera!
thanks for the fun time guys!! :) xoxo


lovely birthday flowers!

my dear sweet friend laurel sent me flowers today.
sigh. what a doll you are girl.. and they came from my most favorite florist in burnaby - tala florist.

thank you for your love and here's some pics of the beautiful bouquet.

love you!


roberta & david - some business & some fun

roberta and david, some amazing friends of mine and the powers behind red sky coaching, were wanting some new business portraits done..well! good times! then we got to go and do some post-wedding-in-hawaii-newlywed pics afterwards!

talk about a great day for shooting!!

here's a few of my faves... :) love you guys! you're ADORABLE!!!

the business portraits...

and some fun "post" wedding pics..

a tree for "tree"

just a random cool tree i found yesterday while doing business portraits..the sky rocked. the tree was so amazing - beautiful, strong, tall..ya..

this tree's for you "Tree".. :) think of you often.. xox


30 days of sustainability kick off

my oober cool friend lorien of limelight events rang me asking if i'd be interested in coming on board for shooting some events for the 30 days of sustainability.

heck yes i said!!

30 Days Launch Reception & Earth Day Celebration

Pendulum Gallery 885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver | April 22 | 7:00 – 9:00 PM | Invitation Only

Celebrate Earth Day and kick off 30 Days of Sustainability in Vancouver in style. Rub shoulders with leaders in environmental and business who are spearheading sustainability in our community. Enjoy organic hors d'oeuvres, wine, music and the inspiring atmosphere created by the eco-design exhibit, SWELL.

take a boo at some pics i have of it - 30 days of sustainability launch

the CTV guy was there..for the love of CTV i can't recall his name! and vancouver mayor sam sullivan was there also. it was tres cool.

go green my email signature says - make a difference in this world...its the only one we've got!


easywash - ecofriendly car wash

i had the oober great priviledge of photographing geoff and laura-lee, founders of EASYWASH for an upcoming magazine cover.

they have been featured tons because of their amazing carwash facility. i don't do it justice talking about it, so go to their site - - and read all about them..and if you are on the northshore, GO THERE REGULARLY! :)

they were so fun to shoot..and with the vision and passion it's no wonder that they are leaders in their industry and have made easywash what it is today. kudos to you guys!!

they are truly trailblazers in tangible, everday ways to make this world a better place. thank you geoff and laura-lee! you guys are super great!