pumpykins and kiddies


tradition has it, we carve pumpkins on halloween..however we are not pros in this "program"..we are but mere lovers of glowing pumpkins..caleb is wonderfully O.C.D in getting his pumpkin 100% clean inside...rosie would LIKE to be 100% O.C.D to get it clean inside but unfortunately hers was starting to rott inside so we had aquired a pumpkin with soup inside...she was not impressed. nonetheless, the program was a sucess and we will take part again next year.. :)


randomness on my walk today..

walked to pick up kids after school..took dory with me and decided it was time again to start takin pics again as a means of finding some sense of peace in the every day's a few of my finds today..

one of the many things i brought home from italy..

of all the things i brought home from italy, which i will blog about randomly now and then, one of my favorites that has become my staple is caprese.. altho it is not EXACTLY like what i found in italy (i mean really, is there anything like FRESH olive oil and those delish roma tomatoes?!?) i have made it part of my life..

what is it? it's this FABULOUSLY AMAZINGLY AWESOME salad that i don't go a day without making.. :) usually one at lunch and sometimes at dinner..

here's how you make it...or rather how TRACEY makes it.. :)

1. place fresh basil leaves on a white plate (cuz it looks best on a white plate, but you can use whatever you nice looking plate you'd what my photo has!)

2. fresh, halved little-on-the-vine organic tomatoes, placed on top of the fresh basil.

3.halved little bocconcini in throughout the tomatoes (its all about how it looks too you know, i learned that from my chef hubby..)

4. top with a few black kalamatta olives.

5. sprinkle fresh oregano leaves on top of the salad.

6. then drizzle light olive oil on top of it all. if the olives dont have a balsamic type juice to them, i will add some balsamic..mmmmm :)

and presto! here you have a light but delightfully filling amazingly tasty meal. :)

so ya..this is just one of the most amazing things i brought home from italy.. :)


its the most wonderful time of the year..

there is something about autumn that captivates me like nothing else..the colors so rich and vivid. the way the leaves turn color over a period of a few amazing the life of a leaf..i could ramble on about that.. but i wont. :)

some snaps from our walk-about today...


friends from afar + weekend = fabulous times!

this weekend two of my best friends from estevan, saskatchewan surprised me with a visit! i was blown away they'd do such a crazy thing..and we had a crazy time!! :)

here's a few snaps from our weekend together...