one of the many things i brought home from italy..

of all the things i brought home from italy, which i will blog about randomly now and then, one of my favorites that has become my staple is caprese.. altho it is not EXACTLY like what i found in italy (i mean really, is there anything like FRESH olive oil and those delish roma tomatoes?!?) i have made it part of my life..

what is it? it's this FABULOUSLY AMAZINGLY AWESOME salad that i don't go a day without making.. :) usually one at lunch and sometimes at dinner..

here's how you make it...or rather how TRACEY makes it.. :)

1. place fresh basil leaves on a white plate (cuz it looks best on a white plate, but you can use whatever you nice looking plate you'd what my photo has!)

2. fresh, halved little-on-the-vine organic tomatoes, placed on top of the fresh basil.

3.halved little bocconcini in throughout the tomatoes (its all about how it looks too you know, i learned that from my chef hubby..)

4. top with a few black kalamatta olives.

5. sprinkle fresh oregano leaves on top of the salad.

6. then drizzle light olive oil on top of it all. if the olives dont have a balsamic type juice to them, i will add some balsamic..mmmmm :)

and presto! here you have a light but delightfully filling amazingly tasty meal. :)

so ya..this is just one of the most amazing things i brought home from italy.. :)


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