giving thanks..

thanksgiving dinner 2008

we decided as a team we were going to have a turkey+ supper on monday. not only for ourselves but for people we knew would be spending it alone..we had a WONDERFUL time!!

there were 25 of us...and the food.. mmmmmmm...can't even tell you how great it was..
everything from turkey to ham to ribs to perogies to stuffing to sweet potatoes to salads to pumpkin and apple pies.. wow! talk about TOO much to choose from.

i'm so thankful for our team...and their hearts and the journey we are on here in vancouver. i'm thankful for my friends and family who make life full, whether from here or from afar-they are always in my heart.. i'm thankful for our husband and my kids..i'm thankful for freedom and the right to believe.
i'm thankful for our home that is home to many..i'm thankful for our school where our kids feel loved and learn so much from their amazing teachers..i'm thankful for the life that my savior gives to me..without it, i would be nothing..

ah, much to be thankful for.. :)

here's a few photos from our feast..

these are us making prettiness to the tables..

then the finished product..

and then...THE FOOD.. :)

giggle..and i caught this one of my darling boy diving in.. :) oh to be a ten year old boy.. ;)


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