i love bono || vancouver photographer

on wednesday oct 28, 2009 i had a meeting with bono.

more to come.


post post post! || vancouver photographer

we leave the philippines in 2 days.. i have been faithful in posting photos to facebook..but that doesn't do you much good if you only read my blog.. so.. i will try and blog a bit of our trip so far.. and give links TO the facebook albums!! :) i know, so smart, right? ;)

last weekend (17th/18th) we all went up to subic bay, where mom and dad dock their 36 foot sailboat. we stayed in the hotel at the yacht club there and went sailing each was soooo lovely. here's a few of the boat trip on saturday.... and the link to see them all..

to see the full album go here: sailing trip


joray & mar || lifestyle session - makati, philippines || vancouver photographer


if you are on facebook, you know that i was open for sessions while in manila, with all proceeds going to gentle hands mission .

i have known joray and mar before they were married... they got married just before rosie was born. :)

so off walking we went around salcedo village.. fun fun! :) here's some of my faves.. xo

aleasha + graham || second shooting w/erin gilmore || vancouver wedding photographer

this was the wedding just before we left for the philippines.. out at swan E set bay.. such an amazing day.. and such a FUN dress! :)


makati is lovely at night || vancouver photographer


last night, before bed, i thought to myself..why dont i take out my tripod and take a night shot of makati, the city centre where j's parents live... from our 22nd floor.

pretty good view hey? :)

today i'm shooting 3 sessions..busy busy! then tonight i'm meeting up with a few manila photogs for coffee.. :) good times!! :)


shopping extraordinairy= greenhills shopping centre | vancouver photographer

yesterday was shopping day at the ever-famous greenhills shopping centre..where you can buy cheap goods.. knock-offs, the real maccoy and everything in between. :)

the older ladies (giggle) did the pearl buying thing... i scored a couple pair of converse.. a piece of manila art for my wall at home. good times..

here's a view from the 22nd floor of our place...the ride in the traffic to greenhills and some pics at greenhills..good times.. oh and they have really BIG jewels too.. as in genuine 85 carat emeralds for $500...CRAZY. :) oh and they have crocs - in heals, loafers, was really hilarious to see.. :)

day one..and a half || vancouver photographer

day one and a half? well we totally missed out on saturday oct 10 whilst flying to the philippines... we arrived sunday morning... at 4 AM!! hello early!

j's dad and evan, j's bro in law, met us outside and we headed to makati to mom and dad's place.

by about 7 am i felt like it was noon! needless to say it was a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG day. :)

by 6 pm us four headed to bed and slept til about 5am.. not bad!

here's a photo i took when jason, my nephew, and i went for a photo walk with the his canon rebel i brought him. :) you can get ANYTHING fastfood delivered in the philippines..mcdonald's, wendy's, name it. :)


an early happy anniversary to shari & mike || vancouver wedding photographer


shari and mike's anniversary isn't til next week...but i'll be in the south pacific ocean away from this hard drive...!

4 years ago these two love birds hitched..... and their wedding was super cool and fun...and on a ranch.. hello!

happy anniversary friends! love you much!! xoxo

(click on image for a bigger peek!)

happy 4th anniversary patti & monty || vancouver wedding photographer


this was my first "real" autumn wedding..and it was soooooooo lovely! i remember the colours of the leaves that day... MMMMMM... :)

happy anniversary you two! :)

(click photo for a bigger peek!)


a little michael buble to put today in it's place..

not gonna lie..i HEART michael buble..not only do i live in his city and eat pizza at his joint, i love his music..

this was filmed here, of course... enjoy it.. i did. :)


little miss emma || vancouver photographer


this was last trip to the philippines when j's little sister emma decided to start copying me.. she took a little square block and was "clicking".. on her "camera" ...

so sweet.. :)


now i lay me down to sleep || vancouver photographer


this morning i was called into burnaby general to photograph a couple's stillborn baby girl.. baby "J" was so very lovely.
mom found out yesterday that baby J had no heartbeat..she gave birth last night.


anita joined me this was good having someone else there... and as we talked to baby J and comforted a confused, grieving couple who would not be bringing their first baby home, all i wanted to do was go home and hug my kids.

how very blessed am i.. made me very thankful for so very much.

my heart,


trip to the philippines...commencing in 3 sleeps || vancouver photographer


we leave in 3 sleeps to go to the philippines for about 3 weeks.

i am no where NEAR ready to go.

so what do i do? make a little blog post. chuckle..

these are some of what we were up to last year in the philippines..

of course i'll blog while i'm there.. lots TO blog about.. stay tuned!!


[click on photo to see it bigger... :) ]