the mystic beauty of venice at night

our last night in venice, after we ate dinner, erin and i hauled my tripod about and got some night shots of our beloved venezia..

looking at the photos again, reminds me of what an incredible time we had there.. ah, si..venezia.. my heart is full of love for thee.. :)

(all of the photos i took on my trip i didn't do any post editting really except for upping the contrast on some..can you imagine if i went into photo shop with some of these babies!?!? :)

i heart venezia

its true..i love this place..something so magical..enchanting..romantic..enticing about this place..i could live here.. :)

here's the view from my bed, that i HAD to wake up to every morning.. :) i know, it was hard.. ;) and then our little path from our street to the street that took us out to where the people were.. :) our neighborhood was nice and quiet..

as our last day in venice, we decided to do some more walking..we found the jewish ghetto which is absolutely lovely and serene..

we decided to rewalk a bunch of streets we'd been down, and to also look for new stuff.. so the next bunch of pics are randoms photos from our last few hours in our last day there.. :) enjoy..


canal grande

the "main drag" in venice is none other than the canal grande or the grand canal. also along this canal is the ever famous pont de rialto or the rialto bridge is the huge bridge that even has shops along each's a huge bridge, as you can see.. :)

dining in venice

what's venice without some good food and wine??

we did just that.. :) mmmm..was it grand.. :)

photo wanderings in venice..


san marco square..

one of the main places in venice is san marco square where the big cathedral and the plaza and palace is.. the MOUNDS of people that are there..HOLY! plus a couple cruise ships came into port, so unlike the day before..venice was CRAWLING with tourists..BAH! :)

here's the outside of the cathedral..the detail and crazy..

then i did a really, really, REALLY bad thing.. :)
i hip shot pictures of the inside of the c amera was hanging across my shoulders and i shot from the hip.. i know... VERY bad.. :)

bad huh? dont tell... ;)

then when we went back outside..the sun was shining SO bright, and it seemed there were more people around! wowzers!!