autumn is near..

isn't it funny that after the labor day weekend, it just starts to cool off at night? yes, autumn is of my most favorite seasons.. :)

shot a couple more weddings this weekend - on friday with the ever lovely erin g and yesterday with sir reilly of blue olive. both of which were good times, of course! it was so great to see miranda walking about - i haven't seen her in a few weeks. :)

sunday today...what can we blog about sunday sept 7....

* 10 days til i trapse off to europe with my BFF to photograph my friend's wedding in munich, germany and their post wedding pics in venice, italy.. i'm ooober excited!

* i officially have 10 weddings left to shoot - with liz, erin g and reilly, and then one myself.

*15 years ago today i met my wonderful hubby for the first time, then super cool single guy with long locks and bell bottoms.. :)

* it's the wedding anniversary of my parents..i think 38 years.. give or take!

ya so that's today. :) i leave you with a few photos of the wedding i shot with erin g on friday..she got some STELLAR shots. :)

take a boo at her blog to check out the rest!


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