there's always some oddities..

The odd train mate..

He came on stumbling..and as he put his bag up, his stainless steel water bottle crashed onto gundurn’s wrist, as she winced in pain. He didn’t even say sorry. Hmmm. And he looked and smelled like he was having a hard day. Out comes the can of lager..oh my.

Then he fell asleep, almost on poor gundurn’s shoulder! This was so not happening. When he woke up, he decided to eat some of his bread..which left crumbs all over himself and his chair..he didn’t bother to shake them off. But the BEST part was when our hobo friend put on his discman, and listened to the best polka music ever.. giggle..what a sight I tell ya.

So I snuck some video, which didn't work..GAH!, but i got a photo with my camera of the poor lad and decided he gets a blog of his own. ☺ when we got to munich we saw him at one time wandering thruthe station…hmmm…


Anonymous said...

giggle ... that is awesome! I love the way you tell a story Trace. :-)


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