so, about that b&b arrangement..

Well…I was wide awake at 5am – not cool. It was dark I edited a few photos, and ate my swiss crackers and cheese from yesterday’s buffet in zurich. ☺

After recording cute snoring-like sounds of erin with my cell phone she woke up and we got ourselves ready for the day. We had told anja that we would need breakfast at 8am.

at 8am she was not at the house.. she was going out last night…and as we were leaving at 8:50 she was JUST getting home..she apologized profusely and said that the supermarket opens late on saturadays and so she wanted to get fresh fruit and bread. she said she’d have it tomoro and give us money for the breakfast we should have had this morning... ☺
thankfully, she made it home ok safe and sound!

so off to the north of us to the nearest underground train…ready to take on a day of being a tourist in central munich..


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