into fussen, and time to plan a wedding!

So when we got to füssen, we found a hotel where we'll be at for two nights, (from our bathroom window, we saw a yellow castle!) and then had lunch and kerri made her list of things she needed to get done in town, for the wedding..

you know, like a bouquet, a shawl, a special ring for russ. They were looking at getting an old kings coat for russ..after hours of looking and talking with different people, we were unable to acquire they had bought some paints and shirt so we went to mary's boutique, where the really funny and quirky owner helped russ find his tie, and kerri her shawl.

I took photos of them, plus of the little buildings and shops..i really could have taken a zillion photos there! I also found a bunch of little things to bring home for the kids.. ☺


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