ah, sweet paris..

i tried desperately to see the eiffel tower from the air - no luck. when we got to the airport, we went thru customs - got our stamp! - and the guy didn't stamp my passport..i was like, rip off! so iw ent back and asked the main dude who then asked my dude, who told him to tell me 3 euros.. ah, no thanks, so i said pleeeeeeeeease and he stamped it. :)

our plan was to take a cab to the eiffel tower and back cuz we had 3 hour layover.. after deciding traffic would be too stupid and at least 80 euros, or 120 bucks was too steep, we vouched for hanging at the airport and got our own pics of the eiffel tower :)

we then found some really fun postcards we found for our special people - j/lover, caleb, rosie, kristal and er sent one to pete - and mailed those and went to our gate to board our last little plane.


Anonymous said...

I love that you went back to get your passport stamped ... :)


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