'nuff walkin..need internet!

When we decided to take the trains back to the flat, our feet were so sore! We stopped in at the little grocery store near train station near the flat..bought fruit mostly. ☺

then went and crashed at home on our bed.. after an hour of resting we packed ourselves up and looked for the internet café. Yeah! Internet! We will go there again tomoro if we don’t have a password for Anja’s wireless. after uploading yesterday’s blog, ichatting with lover and my kiddies, I handed my ichat over to erin who chatted with pete too.
Oh young love… ☺

pete was a little distressed as he heard the loud voices of the inernet café owner’s girlfriend yelling at him.. oh domestic abuse..i tell ya, it’s everywhere.. ☺ and we made it out ok pete! ;)

(these photos, fyi, are all at our flat.. :)


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