old men, underground trains and strong coffee

we found the big “U” for the underground at this intersection about 3 blocks north of our flat. and of course we couldn’t figure out the machine, all in deutse. ☺ we were wanting to get the three day train ticket so we could travel on all the transit all day anywhere in the centre circle of munich – about 10km circumference. an older gentleman graciously asked us if we needed help. we were quite thrilled. he then told us the difference between the regular 3 day pass and the “tourist” one….”the tourist one is not that great of a deal and its for stupid tourists, which you are not”. ☺ funny.. ☺

so then we realized we didn’t have coins for this particular ticket we decided to walk ac ross the street to the grocery store, which opened at 8 (ahem!) and thought we’d pick up some breakfast too. then as we approached it, we saw that there was a main opening to the U and didn’t need change for the coin only machine, as the ones in the main one have a place for bills – cha ching!!

we also scored some coffee and pastry as we headed out on the train.have I mentioned the coffee here is TRES strong!?!?


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