Ignorance is bliss til it kills ya...

..or until you get booted from your seat. ☺ as novice eurail ticket holders, how the heck do we know anything other than we have a first class ticket. So finding a seat on the the first class cars was what we did. There were two seats so we began to upload our suitcases above us. Then we started seeing people looking for seat numbers.

Numbers? Huh? Hmmm…I think we should play ignorant we agreed. I noticed a guy with a hat on the seat ahead of us, that said “canmore, Alberta”… I figured several things – he speaks English. Or he’s from Canada. Or he stole the hat from a poor Canadian in a bar in zurich. Well I quickly found out that yes he did speak English, he was living in canmore and was from Australia. WONDERFUL! How the smack does this seat business work, I asked.. he proceeded to explain some business of the little yellow papers above the seat meaning that it’s reserved. Meanwhile erin made her way down thru the cars to find seats for us that were vacant. And then a dear old couple informed our aussie friend he was in their seat. He had a white paper above his seat. So much for that explanation. Soon enough it was the 3 of us trying to find seats. Erin met us to say she had found 2 and then I asked if there was extra for our aussie friend too, and there was. Phew!

Later in the trip we found out that aussie friend has a name; Richard. And in our new car section, was our first angel – gudrun kunz – the lady that informed erin that actually ANY piece of paper is a reserved seat and explained the whole reserved thing to us.. GOOD TO K NOW! Ok let’s get this train going!

photos, left, of gudrun and richard


Yoda said...

Hey Tracey,

Looks like you two are stumbling on all the funny sides of Europe!!

Keep enjoying the trip - was great to meet you on the train! Sorry my info wasn't 100% accurate first time around. hehe

Hope the wedding was fun!

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