the night before the fairytale begins..

From there russ & kerri got a hotel room up near the castle for the day of wedding, so we can drive up to hotel and not have to take a bus up – can you imagine kerri in her dress taking a bus up? That way  she can get dressed right up there at the hotel, where you can drive up. You can't bring cars up except to the hotel, cuz it's like a 2500 euro fine…something about the king's property, yadda yadda…pretty sure we don't need to be ticking anyone off on their wedding day.

We ended our full day with a meal at this little restaurant/pub in f├╝ssen. After stuffing ourselves, we headed for the hotel, and ker painted her nails and we giggled as we thought of this whole situation: she's getting tomoro at a castle in germany. Hello! how fun!

After I got all my batteries charged, lens cleaned and made sure my sensor was clean, I was ready to sleep soundly! Tomoro is supposed to clear up some and some sun is supposed to appear! We'llsee, cuz it's always kinda foggy up here, mountains, know, they are BFF's.


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