and last stop for today - zurich!

we landed in zurich, an hour later to an almost DEAD airport with very few people but spotted my dear friend kerri and her russ man. :) it's been 9 years since we saw each sure didn't feel like that. :)

after we got their rental car and loaded the luggage and dress bag containing THE dress, we got to our hotel. (click on the photo below and you can see a bigger version where you can actually see the sparklies onthe dress..i can't wait to see it!!)

the after checkin into our rooms, us girls had a coffee..STRONG coffee i say..and realized in europe you can basically smoke anywhere...BARF! so we took our coffees and drank them in the lobby!

 to burger king for a ridiculously priced meal and now here i am! :)

so there is our first day.. :)

tomoro morning we're going to take the shuttle and our suitcases to the train at the airport, head downtown zurich for a few hours and then take the train to munich where we'll stay in a little flat in old munich, near oktoberfest festivities! good times!


Baker's Man said...

Hi Tracey - Cool hotel!!! Lovin' the pictures already!!
Luvs - Rachelle

Baker's Man said...

Hi Tracey - Lovin the pictures already!

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