we heart germans.. :)

Destination – munich train station.

After saying goodbye to Richard, our aussie friend, we looked for a tourist info booth and asked how to get to pundterplatz, the road where we were staying. She told us the underground subways to take and then the street where we walk down. Sweet. So we find the underground subway.. right, we have to buy a the ticket machine..that is all in german. Sweeeetest thing! ☺

So after watching several people do it, we got our tickets and decided if they were wrong we’d pleased ignorance. ☺ we caught all the necessary trains and when in the last station trying to figure out what exit to go out of, angel #2 came along – “can I help you?” she said..either we looked that lost, or looked like tourists, or she wanted to use her English, or all of the above. She told us which exit to go and we did. So we start walking..and don’t see our street. Then angel #3 comes up on a bike, a sweet older lady, and asks where we are looking for. We tell her, and she tells us we went the opposite way, then rides away in the direction we go – so she saw us walking, came back to us, told us where to go then went back again..she totally didn’t have to go out of her way. She asked where we were from, and when we told her Canada, she smiled and said, oh lovely.

From then on we decided we really liked germans. ☺


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