murano - the glass making island...

when we got off the boat, our first stop was to an expensive glass making factory..very interesting.

we then had some great food for lunch - i am currently ADDICTED to fresh tomatoes, hunks of fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and oregano, soaked in olive oil - caprese is what its called.. soooo good!

we looked at more buildings, found yet ANOTHER great glass making factory, which we got an indepth tour cool! all sorts of glass making goodness.. :)

then we walked about until our next boat to burano, the colorful house and lacy making island, came..the incredible journey lives on!


Dani said...

i love that you had the tomatoes and mozzeralla. i fell in love with it when we visited sorrento and rome, its now my appetizer for the wedding because i love it so much!

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